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Employer Plans

Local group health insurance

Our local group health insurance for small businesses offers plans tailored to companies with 50 or fewer full-time employees. 


Health plans and networks for small businesses

The larger the network, the more doctors and pharmacies there are available. Larger networks tend to have fewer limits when you need to find a doctor or prescription drugs. Your employees will save the most money when they see a doctor or visit a pharmacy in their plan’s network.

Which plan is right for you?

Find the perfect health plan for your business. Choose the right balance of network, coverage options and benefits.

Blue Options®

  • Largest Blue Cross NC provider and hospital network
  • Integrated prescription drug benefit
  • Available in all 100 counties
  • Worldwide coverage for protection at home and when you travel1

Blue Options® 1-2-3℠

1-2-3 benefit tiering with features that make it an even more attractive option and increase employee engagement:

  • Copayments for primary care, urgent care and telehealth2
  • Cost sharing for the other services
  • Worldwide coverage for protection at home and when you travel1

Blue High Performance Network℠ (BlueHPN℠)

  • Significant savings over our industry-leading PPO3
  • Select network of doctors and hospitals deliver high-quality care at a low cost
  • Engagement tools and decision support for employees
  • Available in select NC areas, in-network only access across 65+ major US markets

No-commission plans

No-commission plans for groups that are not using an agent offer a more affordable medical option that still includes exceptional benefits:

  • Lower-cost plans for the same high-quality care and network options
  • Dedicated account management and service
  • On-demand access the Employer Services portal puts you in control

Find care that's right for you

Find in-network doctors, facilities, prescriptions and more. Explore care options, or log in to Blue Connect to search existing coverage.

Understanding your plan options

No matter the size of your company, you can offer your employees the choice of two health plans4 for the benefits that best suit their needs. Just establish your base plan and choose another plan from our many options. Employers often choose a base and a buy-up option for those who want to spend less or need more benefits: 

  • Employer contribution – Set your contribution to your premium as a fixed dollar amount or fixed percentage for the base plan. Employees who want the richer benefit plan option can choose to buy-up to that plan. Your cost stays the same. 
  • Broad choice of plan designs – You’ll be able to adjust your plans on an annual basis as your business needs change. 

Our unique relationship with HealthEquity, Inc.® allows us to offer tax-favorable HSAs that are fully integrated with a member’s health plan. 

These HSAs offer major benefits for both employees and employers: 

  • Pair with any eligible high-deductible health plan on any network 
  • Employer and / or employee funds the account with pre-tax dollars up to limits set by the IRS 
  • Funds may be used for qualified medical expenses5
  • Unused amounts roll over to the next year without penalty 

Make the most of your health care budget with total health bundling from Blue Cross NC. When you combine your Blue Cross NC medical plan with our dental, vision or select supplemental coverage through Mosaic Group℠, we’ll give you a credit on your monthly bill.6

Balanced funding

The balanced funding[D] option offers groups with at least 20 eligible employees the advantages of a self-funding plan with the financial protection and predictable monthly payments of a fully insured plan. 

This option provides several major cost-related benefits to members: 

  • Potential savings that can come from self-funding 
  • Predictable monthly rates, like a fully insured plan 
  • Integrated stop-loss coverage for protection against high-dollar claims 
  • Money-back opportunity – with balanced funding, Blue Cross NC will refund a portion of your claims surplus if you renew your coverage[D]

Health and wellness resources

We offer helpful resources to help get the most from you plan.7

Blue Connect member site

Access the tools8 you need to manage your health plan and health care.

Blue Rewards℠ program

Find out how to get gift card rewards for making smart health choices.9

Blue365® health and wellness discounts

Save on health and wellness products, including Fitbit®, LASIK, and more!10

Preventive care covered services

Many services and prescriptions are considered preventive and covered at 100%.

Request a local group quote

See your local group insurance options. We’ll put together a detailed quote for your team.

What else can we help you find?

Dental plans

Select an affordable dental plan option for local groups.

Vision plans

Choose comprehensive vision coverage for local groups.

Supplemental benefits

Take advantage of supplemental employer benefits.