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Employer Plans

Local group dental insurance

From routine dental care to in-depth treatments, we have the right dental option for your company.

Dental makes a difference

Did you know that more than 90% of systemic diseases, such as diabetes and high blood pressure, could include oral symptoms?1 Proper oral care plays a big role in overall health and wellness. As part of our coverage, we’ll even remind your employees with certain health conditions to get regular dental checkups.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (Blue Cross NC) takes an integrated approach to our medical and group dental insurance that takes care of your total health, lowers costs and more.

Simplified billing

One combined bill and one member ID card for both dental and vision coverage

Dedicated support

A dedicated account management support team

Employer portal

Easy plan management with our Employer Services portal

Other benefits

Options for rollover benefits, orthodontia with no age limit and more

Choose from these plan options

All our plans2 include a broad local and national network of dentists, periodontal maintenance, composite (white) filling coverage, no missing-tooth exclusion or limitation, and sustained release therapeutic injections to minimize opioid prescriptions.3

Dental Blue®

  • Checkups and cleanings 2x per benefit period 
  • Save on out-of-pocket expenses by using participating providers4
  • Preventive Only and Preventive & Basic Only plans available 
  • Options available with no annual maximum on preventive services 

Dental Blue® Preferred℠ (PPO)

  • Checkups and cleanings 3x per benefit period 
  • Lower premiums and higher benefits for staying in-network4
  • Preventive Only and Preventive & Basic Only plans available 
  • Options available with no annual maximum on preventive services 

Dental Blue® Select℠

  • Indemnity-like plan with reliable, steady rates because it’s community (shelf) rated 
  • Three plans: Standard, Complete and Enhanced, including options with implants and orthodontia 
  • Lifetime deductible your members only need to meet once 


  1. “Healthy Smile, Healthy You.” North Dakota Health. Online: (Accessed June 2022).

  2. Benefits and premium depends on plan selected. This is a partial list of services not covered by your vision benefits plan. Refer to the member booklet for a full list of exclusions: Orthoptic or vision training, subnormal vision aids and any associated supplemental testing; aniseikonic lenses; medical and/or surgical treatment of the eye, eyes or supporting structures; any eye or vision examination, or any corrective eyewear required by a policyholder as a condition of employment; safety eyewear; services provided as a result of any workers' compensation law, or similar legislation, or required by any governmental agency or program whether federal, state or subdivisions thereof; plano (non-prescription) lenses and/or contact lenses; non-prescription sunglasses; two pairs of glasses in lieu of bifocals; services rendered after the date an insured person ceases to be covered under the policy, except when vision materials ordered before coverage ended are delivered, and the services rendered to the insured person are within 31 days from the date of such order; services or materials provided by any other group benefit providing vision care; lost or broken lenses, frames, eyeglasses or contact lenses will not be replaced except in the next benefit frequency when vision materials would next become available.

  3. Waiting periods may apply. See your quote proposal or benefit booklet for information regarding the plan you choose.

  4. Non-participating providers may bill members the balance for amounts higher than what is allowed for out-of-network.