COVID-19 Resources and Information

Learn more about COVID-19 and what that means for you

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What is COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and what should you know?

COVID-19 is a virus transmitted from person-to-person causing flu-like symptoms, difficulty breathing, fever, and shortness of breath. COVID-19 symptoms, treatment, and transmission information is changing often as new testing and resources are available. It is important to stay up-to-date on new information as it becomes available.

Learn More About COVID-19   CDC Information about COVID-19  

Resources for Members

  • Updated member coverage and benefits
  • Expanded Telehealth services for all members
  • Early prescription refills and no refill limits

COVID-19 for Members 

Resources for Providers

  • Use virtual care for patients when possible
  • No prior review for COVID-19 tests and care
  • Faster claim processing and payments

COVID-19 for Providers 

Need Insurance Coverage?

  • Shop for a new health insurance plan
  • How to buy a plan if you've lost coverage during COVID-19
  • Short-term coverage information and options

Shop Insurance Plans 

Find Health Care

  • Find COVID-19 testing sites
  • What to do if you are sick or have an emergency
  • How to find care for non-COVID-19 illnesses

Find the Right Care 

Read more about COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and managing your health during a global pandemic. 

5 Ways to Save on Health Care Costs Today
COVID-19 Scams to Stay Away From

While social distancing has been a definite adjustment, we’ve seen it bring a lot of good. We’ve heard countless stories of the helpful neighbor buying groceries for their elderly friends, citizens sewing cloth masks to share with high-risk populations and people donating food.

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Why Having a Primary Care Doctor is Important
COVID-19: Answering Your Coronavirus Questions

As the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds, there is a lot of uncertainty about the crisis. With so much new information surfacing and new articles being shared online – which seem to give different advice every hour – it can be difficult to be sure that what you’re reading is true. 

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What Blue Cross NC is doing for its employees and communities

People First

Blue Cross NC is taking steps to help our members, employees and communities prepare, stay healthy and get the care they need.

We’ve made policy and coverage changes to take care of both our employees and our communities throughout North Carolina during the COVID-19 crisis. We’re also providing an additional $5 million to support organizations that address these critical community needs.


Our Communities

We're putting people first. Learn more about how we're helping our neighbors and communities through COVID-19.

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Our Employees

Hear from SVP, and Chief People Officer, Fara Palumbo, on how we’re helping our employees through COVID-19.

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