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Diabetes Management

Living well with diabetes

Discover diabetes resources to help you stay on top of your treatment.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle

Practicing healthy habits may help you better manage your diabetes. Before making any changes, talk with your doctor about your daily routine and any changes you want to make. Here are some lifestyle tips to get you started:1

Use our helpful tools

Did you know that you have instant access to useful resources in the Blue Connect member portal? You can find a doctor, access wellness tools, and check your benefits booklet to see what diabetes test trips, supplies, and medications are covered by your health plan.

Share helpful resources

Are you or a loved one prediabetic? Diabetes Management NC is a Diabetes Prevention Program that shares proven strategies for preventing the onset of diabetes. This program is open to any North Carolina resident who meets certain clinical criteria. Use the map to help find a program in your county.

Do you live outside of North Carolina and want more information about diabetes programs in your area? The Assocation of Diabetes Care & Education Specialists has a tool to help you find a program by searching your ZIP code.

Point of Blue

Our blog includes helpful information about managing your diabetes and living well.

Why dental health matters

Gum disease is linked to diabetes and heart disease.

Coping with gestational diabetes

Simple steps to help you manage the condition.

One important thing to help manage diabetes

Tips to help you stay on top of medications.