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Nurse support

Nurse Support Program

When you're facing health care challenges, you need someone you trust on your side. 

Do you have complex health issues? We can help.

The Nurse Support Program offers a variety of interventions that can help you manage complex, chronic, or disease-related health conditions, and improve your quality of life. All at no extra charge to you.

When you join this program, you’ll connect with a team of dedicated Care Management professionals – nurses, social workers, dietitians, pharmacists, and others – who will give you personal, one-on-one assistance. 

Get the right help, when you need it

Call 800-218-5295

Care Management Hours:

Mon–Thurs: 8 AM–7 PM ET

Fri: 8 AM–5 PM ET

Improve your quality of life

Our goal is to remove any barriers that may get in the way of you better manageing your health. We want to help you: 

  • Understand your condition, treatment options and plan
  • Make informed decisions about your health care
  • Learn methods to improve how you manage your condition day to day
  • Work with doctors and providers on your health care team who can coordinate your care and help you understand your benefits
  • Connect with community resources that offer additional support
A text quote
A text quote

Sherri was absolutely a pleasure to work with. She was very instrumental in my recovery process.

- Member, Blue Cross NC

Get personalized care

As a member of the Nurse Support Program, you’ll be assigned a registered nurse who will advocate for you as you negotiate the sometimes complicated health care system. Your nurse advocate will help you understand the benefits of receiving quality and cost-effective care.

Your nurse advocate will work with you and your health care providers to create an individualized plan of care to help you better understand and better manage your condition.

Your nurse advocate will continue to work with you until your condition is improved, or you’ve reached a point where you can easily manage your own care.

A text quote
A text quote

Chrissy was wonderful. She followed up with me throughout my entire pregnancy and postpartum. She genuinely cared about me and my baby.

- Member, Blue Cross NC

It's like having "a nurse in your pocket"

Members who use the Nurse Support Program have access to a mobile app powered by Wellframe®. This easy-to-use tool lets you:

  • Connect directly with your care team
  • Monitor your care plan progress
  • Keep track of your medications and appointments
  • Have daily check-ins and tasks
  • Read helpful articles about your health
  • Get interactive coaching, notifications, 2-way messaging, and more

Is the nurse support program right for you?

You may benefit from this program if you:

  • Take multiple medications
  • See several health care providers for your condition
  • Have questions about your condition or your treatment plan
  • Find it difficult to stick to the lifestyle changes your physician has recommended

Participation in this program does not:

  • Cost anything extra. The Nurse Support Program is a benefit included in your health plan.

  • Replace your current care. You will continue to work with your health care provider. 
  • Interfere with your normal schedule. We work on your schedule – how often you talk to us is up to you.


How we can help

The Nurse Support Program can help take the stress out of dealing with:

  • Complex health conditions
  • Multiple health concerns
  • Injuries sustained in accidents
  • Disease-specific illnesses
  • Short-term disability

Call us today

Speak with a care management professional who understands your complex health concerns.


Call 800-218-5295

Care Management Hours:

Mon–Thurs: 8 AM–7 PM ET

Fri: 8 AM–5 PM ET