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At Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (Blue Cross NC), we continue to look for ways to help employers like you contain the rising cost of health care. We know the key to making a meaningful impact is to understand all the pieces that make up your total cost of care. One key component is pharmacy. Combining pharmacy benefit management with your medical plan is one way Blue Cross NC can help you better manage your overall health care expenses.

One study found that an integrated medical and pharmacy benefit strategy can produce $148 per member per year savings, 15% lower hospitalization rates and 7% fewer emergency room visits.1 A cohesive plan with solutions from utilization management initiatives to innovative prescription programs can help your employees maintain healthy lifestyles and manage chronic conditions, leading to a lower total cost of care.


Understand the Total Cost of Care

When you understand the full picture of total cost of care, including its components and how they work together, you can reduce costs, improve outcomes and create a better health care experience for everyone.

Integrate Your Medical-Pharmacy Strategy

Implementing an integrated pharmacy strategy along with your medical plan will have a positive impact on the total cost of care, providing better value and better outcomes.

Bend the Pharmacy Cost Curve

Pharmacy costs are often a leading driver in total cost of care. And like most aspects of health care, there is no silver bullet. But we’re designing innovative solutions that can work together to bend the cost curve. Check out those solutions here.

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Adverse Reactions: Managing Pharmacy Trends & Cost Drivers

Prescription costs comprise a hefty chunk of many employers’ health care spend. Watch our webcast with Arif Khan, VP of Pharmacy Services, and Joseph Albright, Director of Pharmacy, as they walk through the current pharmacy landscape — including the growing importance of specialty drugs, what Blue Cross NC is doing to help and what’s lurking just around the bend.


What’s New @ Blue: Control Pharmacy Costs to Improve Total Cost of Care

Learn more about the new and innovative ways Blue Cross NC is helping members get the medications they need with discounts they’ll appreciate.

Rx Savings Solutions

Employees are key to reigning in drug costs. But how do you engage them effectively? One way is to highlight real-world ways to save on medications they're taking. That’s the idea behind Rx Savings Solutions.

This HIPAA-compliant tool analyzes pharmacy claims and clinical information against an employer's pharmacy benefit plan to uncover savings opportunities. When a less expensive option is found, we send a savings alert via text and/or email. Watch the video to learn more. 


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