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Get fast answers to your plan, billing and coverage questions.

Have your member ID card?

Calling the phone number on the back of your member ID card provides the fastest and most direct service for questions. 

Don't have your member ID card?

Please call: 888-206-4697

Mon. through Fri., 8 AM to 6 PM ET

Hearing or speech impaired?

Please call 800-442-7028

TTY users dial 711

Please note that you will need to identify yourself in order to be directed to the appropriate Customer Service department for your plan. 

Need help purchasing a plan?

Reach out for help picking a plan, including when and how coverage can be purchased.

Call us to get answers to your Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (Blue Cross NC) plan, bill or claims questions. You can also call us to learn more about purchasing a plan.

Individual and family plans (under age 65)

800-324-4973 (toll-free) 

Mon. through Thurs., 8 AM to 6 PM ET, and Fri., 8 AM to 5 PM ET

Group plans (company sponsored)

800-291-6315 (toll-free) 

Mon. through Thurs., 8 AM to 6 PM ET, and Fri., 8 AM to 5 PM ET

Para asistencia en español


De lunes a jueves, de 8 AM a 6 PM ET, viernes, de 8 AM a 5 PM ET

Purchasing a Medicare plan?

Reach out for help picking the right Medicare plan, including when and how coverage can be purchased.

Blue Medicare HMO℠ & PPO℠

800-665-8037 (toll-free)

TTY users dial 711

Mon. through Sun., 8 AM to 8 PM ET

Blue Medicare Rx℠ (PDP)

800-661-5518 (toll-free)

TTY users dial 711

Mon. through Sun., 8 AM to 8 PM ET

Blue Medicare Supplement℠

800-478-0583 (toll-free)

TTY users dial 711

Mon. through Fri., 8 AM to 5 PM ET

Healthy Blue + Medicare℠


TTY users dial 711

Mon. through  Sun., 8 AM to 8 PM ET

Get more help

Not the support you need? You can visit us in person, get agent resources or report health care fraud and abuse.

Additional phone numbers

888-868-5598 (log-in support)

Asheville: 828-348-2583

Fayetteville: 910-868-1928

Winston-Salem: 336-778-0807

Greensboro: 336-790-5858

Hickory: 828-855-9155

Garner: 919-234-6066

South Charlotte: 704-527-4220, 800-286-4220 (toll-free)

855-511-BLUE (2583)

Raleigh: 888-275-7513, x1 (toll-free)

Charlotte: 888-275-7513, x2 (toll-free)

Boone: 888-275-7513, x3 (toll-free)

Toll-free: 800-222-4739

    Please call 844-594-5070

    (TTY 711)

    For more information, visit us at Healthy Blue NC.

    Blue Medicare HMO & PPO: 800-665-8037 (TTY users dial 711)  

    Blue Medicare Rx (PDP): 800-661-5518 (TTY users dial 711)

    Blue Medicare Supplement: 800-478-0583 (TTY users dial 711)

    Healthy Blue + Medicare: 800-400-8745 (TTY users dial 711)

    Appalachian State: 888-351-8283

    Campbell University: 800-579-8022

    Duke University - Student Blue (Benefits/Claims): 888-234-2417

    Duke University - Gallagher Student Health (Enroll/Waive): 866-931-5275

    East Carolina University Undergrad: 888-351-8283

    East Carolina University Postdoc: 800-762-8505

    Elizabeth City State: 888-351-8283

    Elon University: 800-579-8022

    Fayetteville State: 888-351-8283

    Meredith College: 800-579-8022

    NC A&T: 888-351-8283

    NC School of Science & Math: 888-351-8283

    NC State Undergrad: 888-351-8283

    NC State Postdoc: 800-762-8505

    NC State RA/TA: 800-579-8022

    NCCU Undergrad: 888-351-8283

    NCCU Postdoc: 800-762-8505

    St. Andrews University: 800-579-8022

    UNC Ashville: 888-351-8283

    UNC Chapel Hill Undergrad: 888-351-8283

    UNC Chapel Hill Postdoc: 800-762-8505

    UNC Chapel Hill RA/TA: 800-579-8022

    UNC Charlotte Undergrad: 888-351-8283

    UNC Charlotte Postdoc: 800-762-8505

    UNC Greensboro: 888-351-8283

    UNC Pembroke: 888-351-8283

    UNC School of the Arts: 888-351-8283

    UNC Wilmington Undergrad: 888-351-8283

    UNC Wilmington Postdoc: 888-351-8283

    University of Mt Olive: 800-762-8505

    Wake Forest University: 800-579-8022

    Western Carolina University: 888-351-8283

    Wingate University: 800-579-8022

    Winston Salem State: 888-351-8283