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Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (Blue Cross NC) helps you meet tomorrow's challenges head on. It's not just our strong network, trusted brand and decades of experience that sets us apart. It's also our unique insights, continuous innovation and national reach that allows us to focus on creating smarter, better health care for you, your employees and their families.

With Blue Cross NC, you're getting more than just an insurer. You're getting a trusted partner. One that's committed to exceptional experience for your employees — along with best-in-class service for your organization. And together, we'll shape the future of health care to drive higher quality at lower costs.

  • Improved care in every community: We're working closely with providers to improve care delivery by shifting from volume to value. We're also breaking barriers to care by addressing social determinants of health. And we're investing in the health of communities for a brighter future.
  • Tailored health plan solutions: Our network options allow you to balance cost and access. We also integrate medical and pharmacy care for a seamless experience. And our care management programs drive better outcomes and savings.
  • Personalized employee engagement: Our data-driven campaigns reach the right person, with the right support, through the right channel. We maximize the value of your benefit investment by engaging employees where they are in their health care journey.
  • Purposeful innovation: Rather than chasing trends, we strategically invest time and resources in real solutions that make a real difference in people's lives and companies' bottom lines.


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(Re)Defining Value: Health Care Beyond the Numbers

Today's health care system is full of challenges. Yet those challenges can serve as our blueprint to build a better, more sustainable system for the future. The foundation? Purposeful innovation that delivers greater value, better outcomes and positive experiences.

Watch on demand to learn: 

  • Just how much money flows through our current health care system, where it goes and how it can incentivize – or stymie – or change
  • Stories from members on the front lines grappling with affordability, aging, mental health, social determinants of health and prescriptions
  • How employers can spur innovation to drive much-needed change
  • Strategies that Blue Cross NC is pursuing to tackle today's health care challenges

You'll hear how innovation is reshaping our health care system from two Blue Cross NC experts:

  • Bryony Winn, Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer
  • Steve Crist, Vice President of our Major Group Segment


The Health of Millennials Report

This Blue Cross Blue Shield The Health of America Report® explores key millennial health trends that every employer should know about. What can be done to help put this generation on a path toward better health? Download the report now and join us in sparking a larger conversation.

Take a Closer Look: The health status of millennials will impact workplace productivity and health care costs for decades to come. Understanding current trends will help you get ready for the future. This infographic offers key takeaways from The Health of America Report.

Engaging Millennials at Work

As more and more employers are finding out, millennials have different expectations than previous generations when it comes to the workplace and benefits. This blog post offers suggestions for connecting with these employees.

The Pursuit of Greater Value

In health care, value creation starts at the moment of care. Where it's delivered and how it's paid for directly impacts care quality, outcomes and financial sustainability. How individuals choose a care provider is also vital — and new network solutions are emerging to help employers guide employees to higher-performing providers. This eBook explores how partnering with your health plan and using a data-driven process can lead to care solutions that work better for you and your employees.

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Changing Health Care to Work Better

We're changing health care to work better for employers and their employees. Learn about our focus on care in every community, the strength of our network, increasing quality without increasing costs, making a healthy difference, purposeful innovation, our digital solutions and exceptional service. 

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