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Health care

See our solutions for comprehensive health care and total well-being in every area of your employees' lives.

Promoting whole-person health and well-being

At Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (Blue Cross NC), we believe in promoting the full health and well-being of our members. Smarter, better health care isn’t confined to the doctor’s office – it extends to homes and workplaces, too.

As behavioral health conditions continue to rise in today’s workforce, the need to broaden our approach to care by treating the whole person is more important than ever. Our full-scale solutions, like care management, behavioral health integration and data-driven engagement programs, help your employees adopt and sustain a healthier lifestyle. 

How do we support overall employee health?

Whole-person lifestyle engagement

Our health and well-being employee programs include targeted communications, promotional materials and resources about making smart choices in their daily lives.

Proven clinical solutions

Move the needle on your biggest cost drivers, such as poorly managed chronic conditions, inappropriate utilization and pharmacy spend.

Behavioral health integration

Support holistic health, and lower total cost of care, by integrating behavioral and medical health care.

Data-driven innovation

Get a clear picture of your employees’ health and risk factors, recommendations for solutions based on your goals and reporting tools to monitor the impact.

See our full health solutions

Healthy living can lead to positive outcomes, but no single program can do it alone. That's why our offerings work together across three key dimensions: clinical support, lifestyle support and employer resources. Our innovative solutions address some of the greatest challenges your employees face: 

  • Well-being
  • Health engagement
  • Diabetes care, prevention and reversal 
  • Complex care needs

Preventive care toolkit

These customizable employee communications are designed to encourage regularly scheduled preventive care, prioritize whole-person health and adopt easy, customizable health habits. By promoting open dialogue and driving awareness of available resources, you can help your workforce take advantage of their health plan benefits and prioritize preventive health care.

Behavioral health in the workplace

Our Behavioral Health toolkit of employee communications is designed to promote dialogue and help address behavioral health challenges affecting your workforce. Learn how to reduce the stigma of talking about mental health and connect with your employees about what's impacting them. Topics include burnout, caregiving and everyday stressors.

Workplace changes guide

See our guide on workplace changes and their impact on behavioral health.

Workforce behavioral health infographic

See our guide on breaking through barriers to improve workforce behavioral health.

Behavioral Health and the Changing Workplace: What We Must Do Next

The COVID-19 pandemic drastically amplified behavioral health challenges in the workplace, including employee burnout. It has continued to affect the way we work, leading to sustained workplace changes that could impact the behavioral health of your workforce. That’s why it’s more important than ever to identify the right strategies to support your employees.

More ways we're supporting employee health

Thinking More Broadly About Behavioral Health

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If we only focus on physical health, we’re missing half the picture.


[SCREEN TEXT] 1 IN 5 ADULTS experience a diagnosable mental health condition in any given year

In a given year, 1 in 5 adults experience a diagnosable mental health condition.

[SCREEN TEXT] 200M+ WORKDAYS missed due to mental health conditions each year

And those same conditions lead to over 200 million missed workdays per year. To meet the needs of those in your workforce facing behavioral health challenges, we need to make full health our focus.


This is how. By knowing her story. By broadening care to treat the whole person.

[SCREEN TEXT] I have ANXIETY and I'm getting the help I need.

It’s time we take a full-on approach to addressing behavioral health. Learn more at

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Connecting Behavioral and Physical Care

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The healthcare costs for treating people with behavioral and chronic medical conditions are 2-3X higher than treating those with only medical conditions.

[SCREEN TEXT] 2-3X HIGHER Healthcare costs for treating individuals with both behavioral and chronic medical conditions

But when employers broaden their vision of care to treat the whole person, overall medical costs and absenteeism go down, while productivity goes up.


In fact, integrating physical and behavioral health care can create up to 17% in annual savings while delivering better care. Creating holistic care requires a holistic focus.


This is how. Together, we can start by focusing on full health, by linking the body and mind, by increasing access to care and reducing the stigma for seeking it out. Learn more at

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