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Large Health Employer Solutions

Personalized engagement

We’ll help you empower your employees to make better health care decisions by encouraging their personalized engagement.

Empowering members to take control of their health

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (Blue Cross NC) empowers our members through a combination of compassionate experts, data-driven tools and easy-to-use resources. We reach the right person at the right time with the support they need to make the right health care choices. We maximize the value of your benefit investment by engaging your employees where they are in their health care journey.

Smarter, better health care empowers people to take a more active role in their health and well-being. It requires personalized engagement, ongoing education and trusted expertise – which Blue Cross NC is uniquely positioned to deliver. The result? Happier, healthier and more productive employees that drive positive results and lower costs for your organization over time.

How do we help employees make the most of their coverage?

Measurable engagement strategies

Just as we will build a network solution tailored to meet your needs, we’ll match an engagement strategy to the unique needs of your employees.

Holistic health advocacy and navigation

Our Nurse Advocates help them get coordinated care, overcome environmental or social challenges, close care gaps and more.

Self-service tools

Digital tools propel employee engagement by letting them find in-network providers, estimate costs, message clinical care teams, find prescription savings and more.

Concierge-style member service

We deliver reliable, caring and compassionate support coupled with proactive outreach powered by data insights.

Build stronger engagement

How do you build the sustained engagement needed for true empowerment? It offers actionable strategies and unique insights to build upon the “three Es” of empowerment:

  • Education: Informed care choices require easy access to the right information delivered in the right channel at the right time.
  • Expertise: Trusted support – coupled with strong self-management skills – fosters self-efficacy and confidence when navigating the health care system.
  • Experience: Engagement that drives positive results requires a positive experience end-to-end, from your office all the way to the doctor’s office.

Employee empowerment starts here

We offer innovative solutions that can help your employees get high-quality care, maximize their plan benefits and simplify their health care journey overall:

  • The Empowered Patient: Solutions to help employees take an active role in managing their total health.
  • The Empowered Consumer: Solutions to help employees get the right care, at the right time, with the most value.
  • Empowering Experiences: Solutions to help employees navigate the health care system and get the most from their health plan.

Health care navigation simplified

Helping employees take an active role in managing their health is essential to better outcomes and lower costs. Yet one major hurdle to success is navigating a health care system that’s often too complicated and confusing. That’s why we created EngageHealth – a personalized, holistic health advocacy program. See how EngageHealth makes health care simpler. 

Find an employer plan

Ready to learn more about employee coverage options? Whether you manage the benefits for thousands of employees or just a handful, we have a plan for you.

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