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How to get your subscriber ID without your member ID

If you have not received your member ID card in the mail yet, you can still access your subscriber ID and your benefits.

To do so, you must register for Blue Connect online. Once you log into Blue Connect, you can find your subscriber ID.

Here’s how to register for Blue Connect without your member ID card.

  1. Go to our member registration page to begin the registration process.
  2. Answer the prompts. The first prompt asks if you are registering yourself or a child under age 13. The second prompt asks which type of policy you have. The third prompt asks you if you have a subscriber ID. Answer No.
  3. Follow the instructions to finish the registration process via phone.
  4. Once you are registered and logged into Blue Connect, you can find your subscriber ID by selecting Get Your ID Card on the landing page. Or you can visit the homepage and then choose Profile. Then you will see your plan and subscriber ID.
  5. If you still need assistance, you can call Web Support at 888-705-7050. Please note that certain call times may be high.
Charlene Macielag
Charlene Macielag

Principal Communications Specialist

Charlene Macielag is a principal communications specialist at Blue Cross NC with a passion for social media marketing and storytelling.

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