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This question could save you money on your health bill

When I go to the doctor, I’m usually thinking: “Just tell me what’s wrong with me and how we can make it better.” I’m not concerned which lab she’ll use for my blood work. Until recently, it never occurred to me to ask about that.

But now that I’m working in health care, I’m going to tell you something that I wish someone had told me earlier: As patients, we need to ask questions – not just about the diagnosis, but about the process.

And there’s one question in particular that can save you a lot of money.

Ask your doctor to use in-network labs

Next time you go to the doctor, ask: “Is my test being sent to an in-network lab?”

An in-network lab is a lab that has an agreement with your insurance company to process samples at a certain discounted cost. On the other hand, an out-of-network lab is not bound by any price agreement,  and lab tests could cost significantly more.

Start with these steps to save

This is an important – and simple – way for you to avoid paying fees that are not covered for out-of-network labs. The average cost per claim is about 20 times more when doctors use out-of-network labs.

You read that right – 20 times more.

Oh, healthcare. Why do you have to be so complicated? Yep, that thought goes through my head, too.

How to find an in-network lab

Your doctor may not know which lab can save you the most money on your lab work. In order to find out for yourself:

  • Look for in-network labs under Diagnostics and Other Medical Services in our Find a Doctor search tool.
  • Contact us at the toll-free number listed on your member ID card. We can help you find an in-network lab in your area.

As we work to make the health care system easier to navigate, there is one simple thing you can do to spend less on your own health care: Ask your doctor to use an in-network lab for your lab work.

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Alyssa Coughenour

Alyssa Coughenour

Alyssa was a summer intern with Blue Cross NC in 2015.

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