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Our army of volunteers at Blue Cross NC

I can’t save the world, but I can make an impact.

It was often the small and seemingly “insignificant” acts of kindness done for my family that had the biggest impact on my life.

Growing up military

My dad was in the Army, so I grew up as an “Army Brat,” as some might say. Our family moved to a different country or a new state every two years. Service and volunteering were often used interchangeably in my family. To volunteer meant serving others and that meant giving time voluntarily and/or providing resources to benefit another. My family always looked for opportunities to serve beyond his military service. We found comfort and joy in giving.


[TITLE] Building Our Community

[Cheryl Parquet, Director, Community & Diversity Engagement] Here at Blue Cross and Blue Shield, our employees believe in what we're doing, and that's what makes us the company that we are – the company that gives back, the company that volunteers, and the company that's here for you each and every day.

[Jeri Roccaro] This is actually my first time volunteering.

[Lasindra Webb] This is my third Kaboom build.

[Keisha Williams] I have never built a playground, but I have done volunteer work as far as Habitat for Community, building a house. If I can build a house, I can build a playground.

[TITLE] Kaboom! Playgrounds Built for Bridgerton, NC, and Maxton, NC, 184 volunteers, 1,104 hours 

[Keisha] I enjoy going out there, putting in the sweat equity to build that playground and make the community happy.

[Maggie Brown] Let's go wrap some diapers. I love doing this, knowing that it's helping babies and their families.

[Cheryl] OutTeach is a national organization. What we're able to do is work with our Durham public school systems here and to be able to find a perfect school right here to build this outdoor learning space.

[Erica Ryder] And then as we were coming back from the cafeteria, the little kids out there are like thank you! And that is just priceless. I love community. I love the fact that I work for an organization that consistently gives back into the community in so many different ways.

[TITLE] More Than 600 Customers Served, A Place at the Table, All Are Welcome

[Erica] I'm here at the Ronald McDonald House, and we don't just give money here. We get to actually serve here. And I think it's so important to be able to look in the faces of the people that you're giving to, and for them to look into your face and know that there are real people behind this.

[Brandon Vega] I've done some volunteer events at Blue Cross including Backpack Buddies.

[Teresa Miles] What led me to volunteering with the Pack Buddies is because I wanted to be a part of doing something that I know that would help the needy, to help our children that are trying to get an education every day.

[TITLE] 2018 to 2019 School Year 31,800 Meals Served, Backpack Buddies, Weekend Meals for Students

[So it definitely hits a little home for me, because I was a teacher. And I saw all those kids who actually needed the food. It's very important for the kids, when they're not in school, to be able to get the food that they need during the summertime.

[TITLE] 335.000 Meals Served, 200 Volunteers, Sort-a-Rama

[Keisha] We're not just a local company here in Durham. We're statewide. We're building Kabooms across our state. We're packing meals. And we're doing events like Paint The Wall Pink where we are celebrating our survivors and raising awareness about breast cancer.

[TITLE] 200 Volunteers, Paint the Wall Pink, Susan G. Komen

[Montressa Sneed] Giving Works is our annual employee campaign. I love Giving Works, because it allows me to donate my money. And during that time, Blue Cross will match it. That makes my dollars go even further.

[TITLE] 3,000 Employees, Over $2 MIllion Total Community Impact, GivingWorks

[Brittanie Joyner] So my favorite volunteer event is definitely the USO Bike Build. I just love working with children, specifically working with military families. It's really close to home.

[TITLE] 200 Bikes Built, USO North Carolina

[Brittanie] My dad was in the military. Having people that care about you, that are giving into your life, those people are your family. And so being able to see the joy in their eyes and know that I built that bike – just being able to do something like that, to put something together specifically for them is just amazing.

My heart races, because – it really truly does, to give back.

[Kareem Macon] It's dirty work, but it's great work.

[Jamesha Johnson] The best way to lead is to just show it with action. You don't have to say a word. Just show everyone what we're here for and what we're going to do.

[TITLE] 1,436 Employees. 12,035 Hours Volunteered

You know that you made a major impact and that you can walk away and say job well done. Thank you for this opportunity. So I feel good about it.

[CLOSING TEXT] Fearless for Good

Even with a heavy burden of military sacrifice, we always found ways to serve other families going through struggles greater than our own. We never missed an opportunity to roll up our sleeves and raise money for a widowed parent, cook and serve a meal for a family, or offer cards or gifts of comfort to a family that had experienced loss. This was my foundation.

Love where you work & do good

Volunteering, for me, is more than just setting aside a time to “give back”. It is about connecting. Connecting with the needs of others and letting people know that they are seen and that you care about their journey or story. That is one of the many reasons why I love working at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (Blue Cross NC). As a company, we realize that community impact goes way beyond insurance. It’s a commitment to improving the health and well-being of our customers in the communities they hold up each day with their hard work and fearless service.

Volunteering allows me to walk the walk. I work here, I volunteer here, and I am proud to stand with others doing the same. It’s amazing that I get to work somewhere that aligns so closely with my values.

An army of volunteers

Every employee within our organization, regardless of their time constraints or abilities, has an opportunity to engage with local non-profits as a volunteer. Blue Cross NC makes it easy for us to sign up and commit time to volunteer. The connections and commitment to local nonprofits make this extension of service simple. Our work culture encourages employees to find organizations that we are passionate about. Volunteering is one of the many ways we serve our customers and communities.

In my 3 years at Blue Cross NC I have volunteered over 120 community hours. I have been privileged to serve with the Kaboom! Playground Builds, Ronald McDonald House of the Triangle, American Red Cross, Food Bank of Central & Eastern NC, Inter-Faith Food Shuttle, USO of NC, Dress for Success Triangle NC, and the Durham Literacy Center.

Each organization works tirelessly to support their communities and ultimately to make the world a better place. I have seen the impact of that commitment and it inspires me to recruit friends at work and go back to serve again and again.

I am grateful to work for a company that supports and encourages me to make a difference in communities across North Carolina. It’s a real honor to work alongside each volunteer. We laugh, we connect while making an impact in our community. Whether that is serving a meal at the Ronald McDonald house, building bikes for children with the USO of NC, or packing weekend meals with Backpack Buddies for the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle, these small acts of kindness show people that they are seen and cared for.

To me, that makes all the difference.

Brittanie Joyner
Brittanie Joyner

Brittanie previously worked as a business operations advisor at Blue Cross NC that has a passion for serving the community. She loves traveling and connecting with people from all over the world.

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