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Health care equity


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Equity is woven into the fabric of our purpose: To improve the health and well-being of our customers and communities – we won't stop until health care is better for all.

Blue Cross NC Executive Leadership Team

Our health equity commitment

We're committed to health care equity, where everyone reaches their full health potential despite cultural, economic or community challenges.

We can’t be truly healthy until racism and health disparities no longer exist. But for many North Carolinians, health care equity isn't a reality. Imagine being denied care or facing bias because of your sexual orientation, gender identity, race or ZIP code. These inequities happen every day for millions of people across the state. 

Health care equity goes beyond offering quality care. It requires listening to those most impacted and expanding access to services like behavioral health care, maternal support and infant care. It also requires provider incentives to move into rural and historically underserved communities. 

Ways to improve health care access

  • Investing in data to learn about the health challenges of members and sharing that information across the health care system.
  • Using technology and stakeholder relationships to reduce bias and racial disparities in maternal and child health care.
  • Working with behavioral health providers to increase diverse representation and their presence in underserved communities.
  • Leading actionable conversations about health care affordability and coverage for many people across the state.

Our health equity priorities

Health care intervention

We're working with data scientists to identify health care gaps, inequities and risks for our underserved communities.

Health care access

We're increasing access to health care in rural areas with help from Caravan Health1 to expand providers in rural hospitals.

Racial disparities

We're tracking racial disparities in health care to bring awareness to and resources for our communities.

Community impact

We're working with community leaders to make our neighborhoods healthier. 

Mindful communication

We're developing messaging to deliver the most impactful and relevant health care information for our diverse audiences.

5-year goals for healthier NC communities

Over the next five years, we’re determined to create healthier NC communities. Our investments and partnerships with historically underserved and underrepresented communities will improve racial disparities in:

  • Maternal health: Increase the number of diverse doulas and community health workers.
  • Behavioral health: Increase access to behavioral health care education and community outreach.
  • Food security: Increase child, adult and senior access to food in high-poverty and rural areas.
  • Diabetes: Increase Type 2 Diabetes awareness through educational programming and community resources.
  • Economic mobility: Support organizations led by or serving historically underserved and underrepresented communities and people of color.

Our continued efforts

  • Develop year-round, targeted multicultural marketing campaigns focused on health equity. 
  • Collect self-reported data to improve member health disparity insights.   
  • Aim to reduce racial disparities in maternal and child health care by 50%. 
  • Improve access to behavioral health in rural and historically underserved communities by 25%. 

Recent health equity accomplishments

Health equity training

A limited awareness of health inequities hurt our ability to address these issues. We responded by introducing formal training programs to familiarize Blue Cross NC employees with the unique challenges faced by underserved communities. Through these programs, leadership and employees completed vital training that will better allow us to identify and solve complex issues around health care equity.

Investments in our local tribal communities

American Indians suffer from higher rates of serious health problems, including diabetes and its related issues, heart disease and substance use disorders, leading to a life expectancy almost six years less than any other race or ethnic group.2 We’ve led funding, education and sponsorship efforts designed to support their health, wellness and cultural heritage. Through these efforts, we’ve delivered health care that aligns with their cultural and religious traditions and better meets their community needs. 

COVID-19 support for underserved communities

We took proactive steps to support our most at-risk communities by contributing resources and building awareness campaigns about health precautions and COVID-related racism. We contributed direct COVID-19 relief to provide nutritious food and essentials and fund community centers and crisis-relief organizations.

Point of Blue

See our Point of Blue blog articles for our latest work to support diversity, equity and inclusion across our company and community.    

Food is medicine

Blue Cross NC is addressing non-medical drivers of health by improving food security.

Serving all North Carolinians

We’re focused on the unique needs of each community.

Ending mental health stigma in the next generation

Attitudes toward mental health start early in life.