It's in our genes.

Reimagining the way we think data.

We’re improving lives through data and analytics – infusing data in all areas of our company and every decision we make. We want people who care deeply about their work and its impact on our customers.


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We're using data to make a difference. Where do you fit in?

DnA Consulting Solutions

Collaborating across divisions to grow our understanding of data.

  • Deliver real-time analytics
  • Identify application opportunities for business reporting

Advanced Analytics

Developing advanced use cases to value and support a variety of programs within the company.

  • Create risk models for critical projects
  • Systematize outlier detection

DnA Professional Services

Building talent, organization and culture to support the holistic success of the DnA division and create exceptional experiences for all stakeholders.

  • Oversee portfolio and program management
  • Manage budgeting, communication and change

Strategic Data Management

Setting data strategy, and how to curate data for analytics, to ensure high-quality data across the organization.

  • Build a scalable, world-class analytics platform
  • Advance the data governance program

Analytic Products & Practices

"Product-izing" our DnA solutions and facilitating the organization's agile transormation.

  • Develop and manage analytics products
  • Initiate analytics automation


Changing health care is possible – it takes a fearless, unwavering commitment to quality, affordability and exceptional experience.

Are you ready to reimagine the way you think data?

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Blue Cross NC DnA Culture
Blue Cross NC DnA Culture

"One of the things I love most about working here is the giving nature of my co-workers and how much employees really care about serving our community."

Julie Fazio 
Julie Fazio
Divisional Chief of Staff

Patrick Getzen

Career Evolution

He started at Blue Cross NC in 1996 as an actuarial assistant. Today, Patrick Getzen is the Senior Vice President, Chief Data and Analytics Officer of one of the largest health insurers in North Carolina. Follow his career in The Actuary magazine.

The time is now. We have a great opportunity to reimagine how we think about data and analytics. We could transform health care.

Patrick Getzen
SVP, Chief DnA Officer

360 View of a Day in Life in DnA

See what a day in the life is like for our Data & Analytics team. Like Google Street View, move around by clicking and dragging your mouse on the video.

Employees Phoenix Smith and Greg Taylor

Our Employee Was Inspired to Hack New Ways to Solve Opioid Misuse

Opioid misuse is a big problem in North Carolina. Over the past year, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (Blue Cross NC) has made significant progress in solving the problem. This issue, which touches every corner of our state, inspired one Blue Cross NC employee to act, or should we say "hack." Read More

How to Unlock Artificial Intelligence in Health Care

How to Unlock Artificial Intelligence in Health Care

At our recent Tech Summit, Joe Bastante spoke about one of technology’s top trends, artificial intelligence. It’s playing a bigger role than ever in health care. You just might not recognize how. Read More