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Mother and daughter with pediatrician

Preventive Health - It's Not Just For Kids
Preventive Health - It's Not Just For Kids

Preventing disease is a key purpose of health care. That doesn't change as we get older. As we age, we have to be more vigilant about preventing disease, handling risk factors for disease and finding disease earlier....

Larry Wu, MD & Bradley Yelvington | Jul 23, 2018 | Industry Perspectives

Behind the scenes with Customer Service
Five Ways to Protect Yourself Against Insurance Fraud

Credit card scams, identity theft and ... insurance fraud? Yes, it happens. This is of particular concern for seniors, or those who might not regularly use a computer.

James LaCorte | Apr 6, 2018 | Understanding Insurance

Lose Weight and Get Fit for Less with Blue365
Lose Weight and Get Fit for Less with Blue365

The heat is on, and it’s time to shape up for summer. Did you know that as a Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina member you are eligible for an exclusive, valuable discount program that can help with that, called Blue 365?

Michelle Rogers, CPT | Jul 9, 2018 | Health Insurance

Thinking Broadly About Investing in Health
Thinking Broadly About Investing in Health

Often, when people think about what shapes a person's health, they think about routine doctor visits, medications, and exercise-things largely within the control of our doctor and us.

Patrick Conway, MD, MSc | Mar 15, 2018 | Industry Perspectives, Social Determinants of Health

Faces of Fearless

Leaping into a new venture. Facing challenges with bravery. There are many ways to Live Fearless, and we celebrate North Carolinians who live this philosophy day in, day out.

Jimmie Johnson

"To stay competitive, you've got to embrace taking on new challenges."

Jessica McDonald

Soccer fans know her as a top scorer in the NWSL. Jeremiah knows her as “mom.”

Jorge Alves

Thanks to a Never-Give-Up Attitude, the ‘Emergency Backup Goalie’ Lives His pro Hockey Dream

Maggie Kane

She’s set the table for all to enjoy the pleasure of dining out.