Fee Schedules

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina provides fee schedule information to participating physicians electronically. Participating physicians with access to Blue e have the ability to view their fee schedule. Participating physicians who wish to view a special or supplemental fee schedule may contact their Network Management service representative to request either a CD or hard copy of the fee schedule.

CCS/BETOS Fee Schedule Category and Code lists (Codes 10004-V5364) (Codes 61000-G0471) and CCS/BETOS Pricing Policy

You must be enrolled in Blue e to view your fee schedule information via Blue e. If you're not enrolled in Blue e, it's easy - just complete the Blue e Interactive Network Agreement at Electronic Solutions.

If you have questions about the fee schedule, and you're already enrolled in Blue e, contact your Network Management service representative.

Provider Fee Schedules in Blue e Q&A 

For Blue Medicare HMO and Blue Medicare PPO

If you're looking for Blue Medicare HMOSM and Blue Medicare PPOSM fee schedules, contact your Network Management service representative.