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Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and payments


Setting up Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) allows providers to receive electronic payments directly in their bank account. This results in faster payment than paper checks. It also means not having to worry if a check is lost, stolen or damaged.

Participating providers already using Blue e must set up EFT in the provider portal. Need help doing so or want to check if you qualify for EFT? Contact eSolutions Help Desk: 888-333-8594, option 1.

Non-participating providers can also use Blue e after registering their NPI to sign up for EFT.

Blue Cross NC may choose to pay non-contracted providers.

Dental payments

Dental payments cannot be issued in a similar manner at this time. Dentists and their practice administrators can review payment options below and contact Network Management with any questions: 800-777-1643.

Paper check

Your office can receive paper checks and Explanation of Payments.

Blue Cross NC dental payments default to paper checks, unless you have an existing arrangement with Zelis™ Payments. To sign up for one of the Payments options below, please visit, email or call Zelis Payments Membership Department at 877-828-8834.

Electronic (EFT/ACH)

VRA™ (Virtual Reimbursement Account) is a direct deposit into your bank account via ACH payment delivery. It is CAQH CORE®-certified, which ensures compliance with ACA standards and HIPAA.

Credit card

Select virtual credit card payments uses a reloadable, virtual payment card. The payment card can be faxed or downloaded.