Publication Date: 

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (Blue Cross NC) is pleased to expand member cost estimator to our Medicare Advantage Members, scheduled to release on October 19, 2021. This will allow members to log-in to Blue Connect to get estimated costs for over 100 non-emergency medical procedures with in-network providers in North Carolina.  


Accessing Cost Estimator  

Member Cost Estimator is an existing feature which is being added for authenticated (logged in) active Medicare Advantage members. This is embedded in the existing Find Care experience and does not require a separate log in. To access, members can login to Blue Connect, visit the Find Care page and select Find a Doctor or Facility to access Find Care. Members can then search for an in-network doctor, write a review, or search for a procedure cost.  


Cost Estimates 

Cost estimates will show member-specific cost estimates for common procedures. Cost estimates shown on the tool include total cost of care averages based on historical Blue Cross NC claims data. Because this tool is targeted toward the general health care consumer, cost estimates are not broken out by each separate service related to and including a procedure. Instead, the cost estimate includes the total cost of care for a procedure.   Not all providers will have cost estimates. Only cost estimates with sufficient historical claims to determine an average cost will be shown. Provider cost data information will be refreshed on a yearly basis. 


Please note: This excludes the Freedom+ Plan (Medicare Advantage Federal Employee Plan.