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Publication Date: 

The National Correct Coding Initiative was established by CMS to prevent unbundling and the incorrect or inaccurate billing of a combination of codes.  These are also called NCCI or CCI edits.  CMS identifies individual services that are components of a more inclusive service and governs the reporting of  combinations of CPT codes on the same date of service.  

On January 1, 2013, CMS implemented a CCI edit that relates to preventive medicine services and immunization administration codes.  It was 1 of about 300 changes that affected evaluation and management (E/M) services and vaccine administration.  In this edit, the vaccine administration code would supersede the E/M or preventive visit code as the only reimbursable code.   

To override this edit and report these two services as significant and separately identifiable, you may attach the 25 modifier to the E/M or Preventive Medicine visit codes, listed below.   

  • Immunization Administration codes: 90460-90461, 90471-90474 
  • Preventive Medicine Service codes: 99381-99397 

Next Steps 

To align and adopt the CCI edits, this CCI edit is scheduled to go-live August 24, 2022.   

If you are providing an E/M visit, such as a Preventive Medicine visit, and administer vaccines on the same date of service for the same patient, please append the 25 modifier to the E/M or Preventive Medicine visit code to allow reporting of the 2 separate services.