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Aug. 17, 2022: This communication has been updated to add further clarity to telehealth policy coverage for the Federal Employee Program. 

Aug. 5, 2022: This communication has been updated to include telehealth policy coverage for Healthy Blue members. 

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina (Blue Cross NC) is extending its current telehealth policy through December 31, 2022. Blue Cross NC has covered telehealth for more than 20 years, expanded its policy at the onset of the pandemic and will continue to cover virtual visits the same as in-person visits.

“Telehealth continues to be a tool that removes barriers to care for our members,” said Dr. Stephen Friedhoff, senior vice president of Health Care Services at Blue Cross NC. “Regardless of where they live or other extenuating circumstances, extending our current telehealth policy gives members more options so they can find a provider when they need care.”

The policy applies to all Blue Cross NC commercial plans and Medicare Advantage plans offered and administered by Blue Cross NC, including the State Health Plan. Healthy Blue members also have certain telehealth visits covered at parity under Medicaid benefits determined by the state. Federal Employee Program members can find details on their telehealth benefits here. The extended policy does not apply to Blue Cross NC members getting care from out-of-state providers. Providers may continue to use the platform of their choosing for telehealth services.

Blue Cross NC continues to study telehealth data and will update its policy in the future to best serve members and ensure that telehealth remains a tool that improves health and increases access to affordable health care. More information on Blue Cross NC’s COVID-19-related coverage and policies is available at