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Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (Blue Cross NC) is investing in a joint venture that will support independent physicians and help them strengthen their practices. The new entity will provide services to enable physicians to focus more on high-quality, cost-effective patient care while also offering practices the ability to grow more sustainably as value-based care expands. 

We recognize that independent physicians have an especially difficult burden, taking care of thousands of patients without access to as many resources and costly infrastructure that physician practices owned by hospitals and health systems often have access to.  

The new entity will be structured to provide services through a management services organization. These types of arrangements are becoming more common as a way to help physicians focus on what they do best and to outsource administrative functions that can be provided more efficiently and cost-effectively when performed at scale and to enable practice participation and success in value-based care.  

The new entity, which is not yet named, will be an innovative and advanced phase of our work to support independent physician practices and help them succeed in the move to value-based care. 

We’re excited about this new phase of our work to support independent physician practices. 


For more information, visit the Blue Cross NC Media Center to read today’s press release.