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Lactation counseling

Get a list of lactation / breastfeeding service providers specific to your Blue Cross NC health plan. Find an obstetrician, midwife or delivery center near you.

Lactation (breastfeeding) counseling services are provided by obstetricians, midwives, and delivery centers, like hospitals. These services are covered at 100% (if given by an in-network doctor) for non-grandfathered members on individual plans. You could qualify for lactation services even if you have a group plan through your employer. Check the Summary of Benefits section in your Benefit Booklet to see if preventive care is covered under federal law. If it is, you qualify for lactation services covered at 100% by an in-network doctor.

Check below to see which in-network doctors offer lactation services in your area. Remember, this list doesn't show every in-network doctor who offers these services. You can ask your in-network doctor about lactation services if you don't see them on the list.

Provider lists by network

Our online provider list is compiled using information from in-network doctors, facilities and third parties. We try to make sure that all information is accurate and up to date.

Doctors are being added and removed from our in-network coverage often. That means, sometimes your search may not have the most current information. You can call Customer Service if you have a question about a specific provider.

You can get your list of providers for your specific health plan

Note: Plan name is associated with the plan's provider's network, e.g., Blue Value℠ has a Blue Value Network.