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In-network labs

Pay less with in-network labs


As a Blue Cross NC member, you’ll get a discounted rate for covered services at both in-network and out-of-network labs. But, depending on your member health plan, you may pay more when you use an out-of-network lab.  

Members and their doctors should choose in-network labs, whether they're free-standing or based in a hospital, because we’ve negotiated the best rates with laboratories that are in our network. 

Here’s how in-network labs save you money compared with out-of-network labs: 

 In-Network LabIn-Network Hospital LabOut-of-Network Lab
Labs Charge$30$60$200
Members Pay$6$12$100

Save money on your lab work

Here are two ways to save: 

  1. If your lab sample is taken at the doctor's office, ask your doctor to use an in-network lab for testing.  
  2. If your doctor sends you to a lab for a test, ask your doctor to use an in-network lab. 

Find an in-network lab to reduce your cost of care

Your doctor may not know which lab can save you the most money on your lab work. Before your next doctor's visit, search our database of participating labs and share the information with your doctor.

Find in-network labs by following these steps: 

Our provider directory was developed using information from network providers, facilities and other third parties. We do our best to post the most accurate, up-to-date information.  

Note: Because providers are continually added to our network and providers occasionally decide not to participate, we can’t guarantee the accuracy or currency of our information at the time of your search.

See disclosures and disclaimers you may need to know about when using your plan.