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Find a doctor in your Select Network

Welcome to Blue Cross NC! Your employer has chosen a Select Network. This means you have access to quality health care with a network of local doctors and hospitals in your area.

How to know if you're in a select network

You can check your ID Card to know if you're in a Select Network. Check the network listed in the right corner of your card and match it to the networks listed below.

Don't see your network listed below? Go to our Find a Doctor tool to search for a doctor or hospital. Or, log into Blue Connect, choose Find a Doctor, and we'll show you doctors in your network automatically.


Searching for a doctor in your area?

In Your Home Area

Choose your Select Network from the list below to find a doctor near you. Depending on your network, you can find a doctor in your town, city, or state.

Blue Access Choice

Blue Access PPO

Blue Choice Advantage Open Access

Blue Open Access POS

Blue Preferred POS

BlueChoice Open Access POS

Horizon Managed Care Network

Network S


Preferred-Care Blue

Outside Your Home Area

You can search nationally to find a doctor outside your state or local area. Find a doctor in your network for all primary care appointments or services.

National Doctor and Hospital Finder

Need to find a pharmacy or drug?

Visit our Find a Drug page to find medications covered on your plan or a local pharmacy in your network.

Find a Drug or Pharmacy

Additional Information

It's important to visit an in-network doctor or hospital to save the most money on your medical and wellness care. Steps to make sure you're looking in the right network:

  1. Read your plan information carefully to know which network your health plan falls in.
  2. Ask your employer if you're in a Select Network or check your ID Card for your network.
  3. Use the right search tools to find a doctor. Our public Find a Doctor tool is only for plans not in a Select Network. Using it may result in visiting an out-of-network doctor and higher health costs if you're in a Select Network. You can also log into Blue Connect to Find a Doctor in network.
  4. Emergency room visits are usually covered as in-network when traveling or working outside your area. But remember, they are only for emergencies. Be sure to check to see what is considered an emergency.