Certificate of Creditable Coverage


Has your coverage with Blue Cross NC ended? Do you need a Certificate of Creditable Coverage to verify the length of coverage you had with Blue Cross NC? You can order a certificate here. You can order a certificate here for terminated policies for up to 24 months following termination.

If your policy is still active, and you need a Certificate of Creditable Coverage document, please call the Customer Service number on your Blue Cross NC ID card.

All fields are required. 

Has your address changed since your coverage with BCBSNC ended? 
If so, enter your previous address information for verification purposes.

Note: To submit an online request or change, you must be a member of the reference Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina health plan, or a group benefits administrator authorized to make requests or changes on the member's behalf.

Following receipt of your request, you will receive your proof of coverage certificate through regular mail within 10 days.

Please review your information carefully before continuing. All information above is required and must be accurate to submit and complete your request. Also we encourage you to review our Privacy Policy so that you know how your information will be used and protected.