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Our nurses can help you worry less when planning for a baby

As a maternity case manager, I get to work with members during one of the most exciting phases of their lives: pregnancy. When I first call a member and explain our program to them, many times they ask: how do I get a breast pump? But giving members facts about their benefits is only a small part of what I do.

Supporting women through pregnancy

I give useful tips and education to women based on their current stage of pregnancy. Lots of women I work with need help easing nausea. Some are concerned about early labor or Braxton Hicks. I work with lots of expecting moms to manage pre-existing conditions, like high blood pressure. I’m also there for any other complications that come up during pregnancy.

Understanding each woman's unique situation

One member I particularly enjoyed working with had gestational diabetes (high blood sugar). Most women are tested for this during their second trimester. When she came to case management, she was halfway through her pregnancy.

As a case manager, I get to know our members well. I really get to know the barriers they may be facing in taking care of themselves. I was able to talk to her about the value of good blood sugar control. We figured out ways to help her handle her condition. All of this without a lapse in coverage.

It’s rewarding to know that this member’s mind was at ease. She was able to deliver a beautiful, healthy baby without any further problems.

After the baby arrives

I work with our members for six weeks after giving birth to make sure mom and baby are doing well. After delivery, we discuss things like comfort measures for mom while healing from delivery and warning signs that might need medical care.

I also make sure the baby is doing well and am on hand to answer questions. There is nothing better than being able to follow a woman throughout her pregnancy and hearing about the end result: a healthy baby. Knowing that I, as a case manager, have contributed to this, is the best part of my job.

A physician’s view

Kelly Hill, MD, is an obstetrician and gynecologist at Blue Cross NC. She says she is honored to play an inside role in members’ pregnancies, too. She oversees review and guidance on resources.

“Being able to take part in the care of someone’s pregnancy, whether as a case manager, a doctor, a midwife, a lactation expert, or even an insurance representative is an honor,” she says. “It is such a special time in people’s lives.”

“Counseling and education from the pre-pregnancy planning period to the postpartum period is so vital. It is a really great way to ensure a healthier pregnancy. And set up parents for their new little bundle of joy. It can also serve to lessen the worry that comes with being a new parent!”

An app to guide you along the way

Blue Cross NC also offers the My Pregnancy App, in collaboration with Wildflower Health. This free trusted resource allows members to find helpful pregnancy information, speak with a registered nurse 24 hours a day, and use popular tools like a baby kick counter.

Routine use of the app helps to find potential pregnancy risks so members get the help they need. There are also question lists for you to take to your doctor and weekly milestone features. Plus, no pesky pop-up ads. Learn more about getting started with the app.

Rachel Sandberg, RN, MA
Rachel Sandberg, RN, MA

Rachel  worked as a nurse case manager at Blue Cross NC. She joined the company in January of 2017 after having worked as a nurse in the women’s health field for 6years. She has a passion for all things outdoors including hiking, kayaking or simply sitting by the ocean

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