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Blue Cross NC interns are the next generation of health care leaders

Meet our summer interns!

Since 2005, the Blue Cross NC Summer Internship Program has connected energetic students from schools all over North Carolina to meaningful projects across our business. These students also have opportunities to network with leaders and professionals across the company, practice the skills they have learned in their classrooms, and participate in professional development and training as a cohort.  

Early career talent is a crucial part of the way that we continue growing and expanding our perspective as a company, and that has not changed in a virtual world. Our 2021 Summer Interns are still gaining “hands - on” experience even though it’s through a keyboard. These interns are directly impacting our purpose: making healthcare better for all. 

Lizzy Reklau

Elisabeth “Lizzy” Reklau of Greensboro N.C., an MBA student in financial analysis with a certificate in data analytics at North Carolina State University, is proud to be at Blue Cross NC.  

“I have always admired Blue Cross NC’s dedication to people. It is very clear to me that our company value ‘people first’ is not just a tag line but a call to action,” she said. “I have a passion for people and innovation. Working in mental health I gained a love for the medical field, but also a drive to want to make it better.” 

At Blue Cross NC, Lizzy has been able to become stronger.

“I’ve gotten to work on general critical thinking and problem solving,” she said. “My team has given me amazing direction and projects to work on but also the ability and trust to understand processes and create improvements on my own.” 

A fun extra: If Lizzy were to be a store, she would The Container Store. She claims, “I use home organization to help give structure and peace to my life. Although, it is a skill I am still mastering.” 

Andrew Grice

Andrew Grice, from Lords Valley, PA, is a rising senior studying finance and banking with a double major in accounting at Appalachian State University. Like Lizzy, he believes in what Blue Cross NC stands for.  

“When I was interviewing, it seemed like a place that cares about their employees and wants them to enjoy work. On top of this, Blue Cross NC also cares about its surrounding communities, and I value that a lot.” 

Andrew believes in that connection. That’s why he has planned a professional path that caters to his personal life.

“I feel like finance and accounting will benefit me in my personal life by helping me manage the money I earn. I am also attracted to this because I can use the skills I learn to help me get a job in any field.” 

This internship has been a great outlet for Andrew to work on his future. He explains, “I want to come out of this internship being more prepared to work in the corporate world then before. I want to come out of this with a deeper knowledge of health care so that I can one day pursue a career in it.” 

A fun extra: Andrew’s favorite snack is sunflower seeds and his favorite color is dark blue! 

Nick Agnihotri

Nick Agnihotri, of Raleigh, is studying business administration with a focus in finance at North Carolina State University. Nick has a clear vision for his career path.  

When asked what made him choose what he does, he stated, “My desire to understand the role of money in companies and its correlation with customer sales, societal welfare, corporate policy, and employee enrichment.” 

Like the other summer interns, he made a quick connection to Blue Cross NC. He picked up on the company’s commitment to health, well-being, and development of their employees. Interning here has also helped him strengthen a good skill: curiosity.  

As for who he wants to be after his internship, he has a good foundation.  

“By constantly exploring on my exact corporate role, I want to retain a global mindset, get more involved in volunteer work, and keep learning about the links between finance and corporate strategy.” 

A fun extra: Nick has lived in three nations, and his favorite snack is tortilla chips and assorted dips (Guacamole, Hummus, Salsa etc.) 

Tiara Monroe

Tiara Monroe, Tampa, FL, is pursuing her undergraduate in business administration and healthcare administration at Fayetteville State University. She has looked forward to her time here at Blue Cross NC because the health care field is her passion. She also appreciates the diversity and culture offered here. Interning here has been a mix of aspects in her life that she enjoys.  

Tiara has become stronger here. She is asking questions and has not been afraid to do so. This is a great quality for anyone to have when they enter a new space. She has proven that learning is a powerful quality to invest it.  

As for who she wants to be when her internship is over, Tiara commented, “I want to be a better version of myself while being more confident. I also want to increase my skillsets and become highly motivated for my future.” 

A fun extra: Tiara’s favorite color is yellow and if she were a store, she’d be a candle store! 


[TITLE] Words of Wisdom: 2021 Blue Cross NC Summer Interns 

[Nick] Hi. I am Nick Agnihotri, and I am an associate underwriter intern here at Blue Cross and Blue Shield for summer of 2021.

[Lizzy] Hi. My name is Lizzy Reklau, and I am a current MBA student at NC State. And this summer, I worked with the Concierge Service Team as a business analyst intern. And my biggest recommendation for incoming interns to the Blue Cross Blue Shield family is engage. You are presented with such an amazing opportunity, but only if you make the best out of it.

Blue Cross is full of so many different disciplines with a wealth of information.

[TITLE] Without a doubt, development happens at Blue Cross NC. 


[Nick] It is beginning to develop my data processing skills, my networking skills, and, of course,  even my teamwork.

[TITLE] Curiosity is welcomed. Be fearless.


[Lizzy] So don't be afraid to reach out to people outside of your team in different disciplines that you're working in.

[Nick] Never hesitate to clarify or discuss the question with peers or supervisors. Sometimes something seemingly obvious may not be as obvious as you originally thought. So never hesitate to ask questions.

[TITLE] Here at Blue Cross NC, your growth is limitless. The possibilities are endless.


[Lizzy] Because you will be so surprised at the things that you'll be able to learn in just a few weeks over the summer, and don't be afraid. We're here to support you and help you in any way that we can. Because you'll be    


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Meet some of our former interns turned Blue Cross NC pros!

These aren’t the only interns who have had a thrilling summer. Many who have interned at Blue Cross NC since 2005 understand what it’s like to thrive in this culture. Our intern alumni are excited each summer to mentor and get to know a new intern cohort. Every year, interns pave the way for the future for Blue Cross NC. 

Nicole Rogers, a previous intern, gives her insight to the experience. She is currently living in the Triangle and working as a Program Manager on the Community & Diversity Engagement team. While she has been here, she has gained valuable skills and has remained dedicated to herself.  

Some skills Nicole has perfected at Blue are her relationship building and maintenance. With the culture here, it’s easy to find her place. With her list of talents, starting from as an intern, then promoted to an associate to now a program manager, it’s clear that Nicole has been able to put her talents to work.  

She hasn’t forgotten what it’s like to be an intern. Nicole explains, “Interning here opened my eyes to the range of roles in the health care industry. I didn’t even know my current team existed before interning, but I am passionate about and so proud of the work that we do to impact communities across the state.” 

She also has words of wisdom for the interns. She comments, “Learn all that you can this summer and do plenty of networking across the company, including with your fellow interns.”  

As for how things are going for Nicole, she’s had a lot of accomplishments. Personally, she just purchased her first home! Professionally, she just completed a big project that brought more equity and accessibility to Blue’s community efforts.  

A fun extra: If Nicole could be any city, she would be Miami! Besides loving the city, she thinks it’s a good mix of fun and business, it embraces different cultures, and the beach is a happy place! 

North Carolina native Patrick Schilling also reflected on his intern experience. Patrick currently works as an Enterprise Business Analyst Associate. He’s been in this role since the end of his internship. 

Like Nicole, Patrick has gained powerful skills here. He states, “The biggest skill that I’ve gained from working at Blue Cross NC is the ability to adapt quickly to both changes in my current work and to new work that comes my way.”  

During his time here, Patrick has filled quite a few roles, from mentee to mentor and beyond.

“It’s a great example of the opportunities that are available here and how you can grow as a person and a professional.” 

As for advice for interns, he has plenty of insight. He said, “Ask as many questions as you can and try to connect with as many people as possible. You’re only here for a small amount of time and there’s more knowledge, advice and networking to take advantage than you could imagine.” 

A fun extra: If Patrick were to be a city, he would be Philadelphia! Not only is it where he and his family are from, but it’s full of camaraderie, passion and history, all things that are important for Patrick to be a part of. 

Interested in learning more about our Summer Internship Program and other early career opportunities for students and recent grads? Visit our Career Site

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Kaylee Haas

Kaylee Haas

Kaylee worked as an intern with the corporate communications team at Blue Cross NC in 2021.

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