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About Us


Learn about the affiliates, business partners and subsidiaries that we work with to promote excellence and innovation in our health care products and services.

Supporting the health of North Carolinians

At Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (Blue Cross NC), an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, we care about the health of our members. We work with select companies to promote excellence and innovation in health care products and services throughout our state and across the country. Together, we're pursuing a commitment to improving the health and lives of our members and communities.

The Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina Foundation is an independent, private foundation with the mission of taking steps to

  • Improve medical and dental health outcomes. 
  • Increase physical activity and access to healthy, local food. 
  • Increase the effectiveness of North Carolina nonprofit organizations and their leaders. 

Blue Cross NC subsidiaries

We have other subsidiaries that offer insurance and insurance-related products and services. These companies do not offer Blue Cross and Blue Shield medical insurance.

Mosaic Group is an independent, full-service insurance agency offering individuals and groups a portfolio of specialty insurance products and HR and wellness solutions to protect against life's unexpected events. These products provide peace of mind and cash payments when they're needed most.