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Register for Medicare 101

Bring your questions to this helpful info session

Join us for Medicare 101, a live educational webinar designed to help you understand the ins and outs of this federal program. We know Medicare can seem confusing; it’s why we’ve put together this 30-minute online presentation. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (Blue Cross NC) experts will guide you through the different parts of Medicare, including Medicare Advantage plans, Medicare supplement plans, and Medicare prescription drug coverage.

What we'll cover

  • What is Medicare?
  • The Four Parts of Medicare
  • Types of Medicare Plans
  • What Are My Options?
  • How Do I Choose?
  • Who Pays for Medicare?
  • When Can I Enroll?
  • Q & A Session

We’ll send you a confirmation email with instructions on how to ask questions during the Q & A session. We’ll also send a reminder email a day before your scheduled Medicare 101 presentation.

For accommodations of persons with special needs at meetings, call 800-442-7028 (TTY: 711).

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