Claim Information for Members

How to submit a claim and avoid claim mailbacks

How do I know when I need to submit a claim?

Sometimes, members are required to submit claims for medical services they receive or for reimbursement. 

You must submit a claim form when:

  • You visit an out-of-network (OON) doctor, provider, or specialist
  • You receive medical services in another country or while on a cruise ship (for cruise ships, use the general Member Claim Form)
  • You're being reimbursed for vision or prescription products or services1

Note: All North Carolina hospitals contract with Blue Cross NC. That means they file your claim for you. Just give them your Subscriber ID number when you visit for services or emergency care.

Use an in-network doctor to avoid submitting claims on your own. Our Find a Doctor tool makes it easy. 

How can I avoid my claim being mailed back to me? 

To avoid delays and that your claims are processed accurately, make sure you're following the guidelines below when submitting claims.2

Steps to Submit a Claim Form:

  1. Complete, sign and submit a separate claim for each member or patient that received care.
  2. Submit original itemized receipts with your claim.
    • Your doctor will give you an itemized receipt for all the services you received. 
  3. Make sure you receive a valid procedure code for each service. You can get these from your doctor.
    • For example: Code 99203 is the code for an office or outpatient visit for evaluation. 
  4. Submit a separate charge for each procedure code.
  5. Provide a diagnosis code for services or supplies. You can get these codes from your doctor.

Things to Remember:

  • Submit and file a Blue Card international claims form for services received outside the U.S. You can mail the form to the address at the top of the claim form.
  • Make sure you are filing with the plan (i.e. Blue Cross NC) that holds the member’s policy.
  • Complete and sign the Prime Claim form for prescriptions and send it to the address on the back of the form.
  • For out-of-state providers, please provide the name, NPI, Tax ID number, and address for:
    • Rendering provider
    • Referring provider


You will receive a mailback form in the mail if you need to correct a claim. But if you misplace your form, you can download another one here:

Claims Mailback Form