Self-Administered Medications

Blue Cross NC provides coverage under its medical and prescription drug benefits for medication in accordance with benefit guidelines.

Some of these covered medications are self-administered and are covered only under the pharmacy benefit. Self-administered medications do not require professional administration. Examples of self administered medications are tablets and liquids taken by mouth and injections given subcutaneously (under the skin).

These medications must be filled by a retail or mail order pharmacy participating in the Blue Cross NC pharmacy network. Some self-administered specialty medications must be filled at a specialty pharmacy.

Medical supervision and/or instruction may be required for certain injectable medications.


Pharmacy-Only Benefit / Self-Administered Medications

Certain self-administered drugs are only covered under the prescription drug benefit and are excluded from Blue Cross NC's medical benefit. While members have the freedom to self-administer these medications, they can still obtain these medications at the pharmacy and take them to their doctor's office, where they can get training on how to administer them. The following self-administered medications are covered under Blue Cross NC's prescription drug benefit, but are excluded from the medical benefit.

(This list is current as of August 2012 and is subject to change. As new self-administered medications become available, they'll be added to this list as quickly as possible and excluded from the medical benefit.)

Self-Administered Medications