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Kidznotes - a nonprofit dedicated to changing the lives of students



Robert Gofourth is into metrics. As Vice President of Operational Strategy and Performance here at Blue Cross NC, he has a passion for data and what it means for the people it touches. And that's how he found Kidznotes.


Kidznotes is a nonprofit dedicated to changing the lives of students in need by helping them learn to play musical instruments like the violin or guitar – kids who might not otherwise have the opportunity. And it's been proven to help academically as well.

According to a Raleigh News & Observer interview, "The organization boasts that of the students who have spent at least a year in the program, 80 percent have scored proficient or higher in their fifth-grade end-of-grade math tests. That compares with 36 percent for their classroom peers." And that kind of data is the sort that attracts Gofourth, who told us, "It is logical and it makes sense to support an organization that has proven results like that (this is the textbook answer, right?)."

And it most certainly does make sense. But beyond that, what this nonprofit does matters on an emotional level. Gofourth was truly hooked the first time he attended one of their shows.

 ...I went to a Saturday morning concert and I saw the families that were touched and the enthusiasm of the children and when I saw that, I knew I had to be involved. Kidznotes makes a difference in not only the children's lives but the entire family."

Gofourth has now been on the board of directors for a year and currently serves as Vice Chair. He also serves on the fundraising committee and leads the strategic planning and governance committee.

"Kidznotes is 5 years old. Working with a newer organization can be extremely rewarding," Gofourth said. "I have been able to lead the work around the organization's Enterprise Risk Management, establish a Finance Policy and their overall Strategic Plan."

And that's putting that operational strategy expertise to work where it can make an even greater impact – on our children. Interested in more of what Kidznotes does? Check out their website.

Robert Gofourth
Vice President of Operational Strategy and Performance
Commercial Government and Service Operations
With Blue Cross NC since 2014
On the board of Kidznotes

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