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There are two choices available when you consider an ePrescribe solution: using a stand-alone solution or an ePrescribe module integrated within a larger electronic medical records system (EMR).

Stand-alone solution

  • Costs less and is much easier to implement than an EMR solution
  • Options include stand-alone downloadable software applications and Internet-based applications

Free Web-based ePrescribe solution

In order to help every licensed provider in the Blue Cross NC network start electronic prescribing, Blue Cross NC is making an electronic prescribing solution available from AllscriptsTM1 for free. The solution is easy-to-use and requires no downloading and no new hardware. It is safe, secure and accessible from any Web-enabled computer, handheld device or cell phone.

Register here to start.

EMR solution with integrated ePrescribe

  • Costs significantly more than a stand-alone system and requires extensive data-entry of patient health information
  • Additional capabilities give you access to a wider scope of patient information, including diagnosis, lab results, etc.

Does your practice already use EMR?

If you already have an EMR or electronic health record (EHR) system in place, you may already have ePrescribe capability available. Contact your EMR/EHR vendor to find out if an ePrescribe module can be activated through your existing system. You can also find out if your current technology supports computer-to-computer electronic prescribing by visiting GetRxConnected. Once there, follow the prompts to determine your system’s capabilities.

Get your practice ready to ePrescribe

1. Assess your needs.
If you haven’t yet invested in EMR or ePrescribing software, the Center for Improving Medication Management can help you assess what type of ePrescribe solution may be best for your practice. Visit GetRxConnected and follow the prompts.

2. Choose your hardware.
If you don’t already use a computer or laptop in your exam rooms, you may want to consider a wireless hand-held device, such as a PDA or tablet for mobility and convenience. Blue Cross NC is partnering with Sprint®1 to offer discounts on connectivity and wireless devices.1

3. Choose your electronic prescribing solution.
The following list provides information about the particular capabilities of different solutions.

Start ePrescribing without purchasing software.

Register for eRx NOW – the free, Web-based electronic prescribing application from Allscripts™. eRx NOW is safe, secure and requires no downloading. Access it from any Web-enabled computer, handheld device or cell phone.

1 SM1 Mark of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina. ®1 Mark of Sprint. TM1 Mark of Allscripts. ®1, TM2 Marks of RxHub.