Benefits of ePrescribe

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ePrescribe helps you:

Save as much as two hours a day in precious clinical time*
Fewer call-backs to and from the pharmacy for clarification due to fax problems, illegible handwriting, insurance denials and insurance preauthorization requirements.

Reduce prescription errors
Mistakes in drug names or dosing instructions due to illegible handwriting or poorly printed faxes virtually disappear.

Reduce harmful drug interactions
ePrescribe generates an automatic alert about contraindications and potential interactions between drugs, including those the patient is currently prescribed.

Reduce dosing errors
Recommended and specialized dosing is shown for each medication.

Reduce preventable adverse drug events
Patient’s current allergies and prior adverse drug events are listed, so you can make the safest choice for the individual patient.

Write prescriptions you know will be covered
Real-time, updated formulary and patient eligibility information is available, so you can see which drugs are covered under the patient’s prescription-drug plan. Some applications permit preauthorization processing in real time.

Get a more complete picture of your patient’s current health status
Know other medications your patient is taking, including indication and dosage, even medications prescribed by other providers.

Know if your patient is compliant and adherent
Refills can be automated, and you can check if your patient has picked up the prescription from the pharmacy.

Save your patient money
Generic and lower-tier alternatives are identified, so you can choose lower-cost options for your patient.

Improve communication between you and your patient
The patient’s medication history is there for your review, even if the patient doesn’t tell you.

Get ahead of the curve on Medicare requirements for electronic prescribing
Certified ePrescribe vendors meet the standards for security and privacy outlined in the Medicare Modernization Act.

*Case studies of eRx Collaborative participants conducted by SureScripts, presented in June, 2005. SM1 Mark of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina.