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Blue Cross NC is promoting the adoption of ePrescribe, or electronic prescribing, among all Blue Cross NC members and providers. ePrescribe improves patient safety, reduces medication errors, can save your patients time and money, gives you valuable decision-support information about your patients medication history and increases the efficiency of your practice.

This site gives you information about ePrescribe and can help you assess what you need to start ePrescribing today.

Beat the Medicare Mandate

Now is the time to transition your practice to ePrescribe. The Medicare Improvement for Patients and Providers Act mandates bonuses for eligible physicians who ePrescribe, beginning in 2009 and continuing through 2013. However, if eligible physicians do not ePrescribe, they will face penalties beginning in 2012.

Effective January 1, 2009, computer-generated fax prescriptions will no longer be in compliance with Medicare Part D.

To comply with Medicare’s ePrescribe standards and be eligible for the ePrescribe Medicare bonus, be sure your ePrescribe solution meets Medicare Part D standards. For more information about Medicare and ePrescribe, visit www.cms.hhs.gov/ePrescribing.