Medical Policy Updates

Notification of Policy Revisions Effective November 11, 2019 (Posted September 10, 2019)

Medical Policy Revision
Genetic Testing for Lactase Insufficiency AHS - M2080 "Notification" Reviewed by Avalon 2nd Quarter 2019 CAB. Minor revision to Description section. Added the following to the Policy Statement as investigational: "and genetic testing of the LCT gene and/or MCM6 gene". Added second statement to the When Not Covered section: "Genetic testing of the LCT gene and/or MCM6 gene for lactose intolerance and/or lactase insufficiency is considered investigational." Policy guidelines updated to support additional investigational indication. Billing/Coding section updated, removing code table. References updated. Policy noticed 9/10/2019 for effective date of 11/12/2019. Medical Director review 8/2019.
Serum Testing for Evidence of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury AHS - G2151 "Notification" Codes 81479 and 84999 added to Billing/Coding section. Policy remains on notice until 10/29/2019.