Provider News Archives

Title Publication Date
Medicare Advantage - Provider Notification for Utilization Management Authorization Rule Operations Workgroup Item 1907 2021-06-23
Reminder: Use of Proper Coding for Treatment Rooms 2021-06-18
Discontinuation of Inpatient Review of Injectable Oncology Drugs 2021-06-14
Attention Facilities: Sending Admission, Discharge and Transfer Data to Blue Cross NC Results in Improved Care Management for Patients 2021-06-14
Action Required: Process Changes to Medical Drug Authorizations 2021-06-14
Preferred Infliximab Products for Treatment of Autoimmune Disorders 2021-06-07
Bundling Rule Updates for Drug Administration Codes 2021-06-04
Changes to Drug and Biological Wastage Reimbursement + Usage of the JW Modifier 2021-06-04
Medicare Advantage - Clinical Criteria Updates Notification March 2021 2021-06-03
Clinical Quality in Practice: CME Webinar Series 2021-06-02
Reminder: Provider Credentialing and Claims Filing  2021-05-28
COVID-19-Related Treatment Cost Waiver Extension to Expire on June 30, 2021 2021-06-15
In Pursuit of Racial Equity: Deconstructing Bias 2021-05-28
Providers Invited to Join NC State Health Plan Network 2021-06-01
How to Submit Itemized Bills for Out-of-State High Dollar Review 2021-05-25
It's Time to Review Your Medicare Advantage or Commercial Demographic Information 2021-05-28
Updates to Temporary COVID-19 Language in Blue Cross NC Medical Policies 2021-05-24
Blue Cross NC, Mission Health Sign Agreements for Blue Premier Value-Based Care and Healthy Blue Medicaid 2021-05-24
Changes to Correct Coding Initiative (CCI) and Outpatient Code Editor (OCE) Edits for Claims Processing 2021-05-18
Prior Authorization Requirement Changes Effective September 1, 2021 – UM AROW 1577 2021-05-17