Provider News Archives

Title Publication Date
Provider Training Session for the Enhanced Cardiology Program with AIM Specialty Health 2022-12-09
Specialty pharmacy precertification list expansion (Healthy Blue + Medicare HMO D-SNP) 2022-12-08
New Specialty Pharmacy Medical Step Therapy Requirements (Healthy Blue + Medicare HMO D-SNP) 2022-12-06
Medicare Advantage – Prior authorization requirement changes effective (Healthy Blue + Medicare HMO D-SNP) March 1, 2023 2022-12-01
Update – NCQA Survey for PCPs, Oncologists and OB-GYNs 2022-11-29
Enhanced Editing Affecting Drugs & Biological Agents 2022-11-23
Reminder for Place of Service and Durable Medical Equipment 2022-11-23
Update - Evaluation and Management (E&M) Claims Reprocessing 2022-11-23
Clinical Criteria Updates (Healthy Blue + Medicare HMO D-SNP) 2022-11-21
June 2022 Clinical Criteria Updates (Healthy Blue + Medicare HMO D-SNP) 2022-11-21
Prior Authorization Requirement Changes (Healthy Blue + Medicare HMO D-SNP) 2022-11-21
IngenioRx will become CarelonRx on January 1, 2023 (Healthy Blue + Medicare HMO D-SNP) 2022-11-21
Medicare Part B Precert Expansion Cimerli (Healthy Blue + Medicare HMO D-SNP) 2022-11-21
Preferred Intra-Articular Hyaluronan Knee Injection Treatment 2022-11-21
Additional Information About the Telehealth Policy for 2023 2022-11-14
Additional Information Regarding Evaluation and Management Related Services Recoupment 2022-11-09
Update: 2022 Attestation Requirement for Facilities and Ancillary Providers & the CAA Mandate 2022-11-08
Individual Under 65 ACA Products Moving From Point of Service to Exclusive Provider Organization 2022-11-04
Pharmacy Program Utilization Management Updates Effective January 1, 2023 2022-11-03
Medicare Advantage (MA) Coverage for Acupuncture 2022-11-03