Dental Enrollment and Credentialing

Joining the Blue Cross NC provider network is a three-part process.

Part 1. Apply for Credentialing or Recredentialing

For Dental Providers and Oral Surgeons:

  • Complete the CAQH ProView ApplicationMake sure your application status show the "Completed" stage before emailing us.
  • Return here and email us at to let us know you've completed your online application and we can start our review process. Please include your CAQH # with your submission.

Part 2. Get Enrolled

Once credentialing is confirmed, complete and submit the following W-9 form and application(s):

If you have questions regarding Credentialing, Enrollment or Status of an application, please contact Provider Services at 1-800-777-1643.

Has the ownership changed for your dental office? Please complete the Provider Acquisition Form.

Part 3. Get a Signed Contract

After we receive your applications, we will reach out to you for any additional information and an agreement.
As an additional step, please email


For a roster request, please email

For information regarding the credentialing process, the enrollment process and the contract process is available please go to: Become a Blue Cross NC Provider

For assistance with Blue-E, contact eSolutions HelpDesk at 1-888-333-8594.