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December 3, 2020 Update: This communication has been updated to provide more detailed information about browser usage for Blue e, the Quick Start guide and contact information for provider support.

Effective December 7, 2020, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (Blue Cross NC) will release a redesigned version of its provider portal, Blue e, to create a better experience for health care providers. All providers who use Blue e will be impacted by this change.

Key Points:

  • The changes to the provider portal will include new log-in feature, improved home page, and a new visual experience. All providers who use Blue e will see these changes.
  • In addition to using the new Blue e link, providers should use the Quick Start Guide to review the changes to the site.  
  • Providers will not need to change their log-in information; log-ins to access Blue e will remain the same. Likewise, providers will still be able to access Blue e from the same location on  
  •  The current link that is used to log in to Blue e will continue to be how you access the application after the changes are live on 12/7. A new link is not needed.
  • When accessing Blue e, please use one of the browsers on our Supported Browsers list to ensure proper function.

Blue e is an Internet-based application for verification of membership eligibility, claims submission and inquiry. Providers also receive messages and alerts about health care updates. Blue Cross NC provides this service free-of-charge. Providers that have completed the Blue e Interactive Network Agreement can access Blue e for the following features:

  • Eligibility Inquiry
  • Search by Name for Blue Cross NC Member Identification Numbers
  • Claims Status Inquiry
  • Claims Entry
  • Batch 837 Transaction Claim Denial Listings
  • Remittance Check Register
  • Admission Notification and Inquiry

Providers can sign up for Blue e at

For questions, please call the eSolutions HelpDesk at 1-888-333-8594 and select Option 1 or send an email to

This update is for awareness only.