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As we head into 2017, a lot of uncertainty exists about the future of health care reform. In the past, health care reform has been focused on increasing access to health insurance. But the topic of unsustainable rising costs has always been missing from the conversation. 

Medical costs are rising rapidly, and we’re seeing these costs pile up in the form of higher and higher health insurance rates in North Carolina and across the country.

Launching today, our new State of Costs campaign will help customers gain a better understanding of the key drivers of medical costs, and what Blue Cross NC is doing to help control them. 

The cost drivers contributing to higher health insurance rates are complex and varied, but State of Costs is focusing on a few key drivers. 

You can visit to explore the content, take interactive quizzes and share content on your social profiles. 

We know there will be ongoing conversations about health care reform, and the future of health care seems uncertain. The industry is changing rapidly, but Blue Cross NC wants to ensure that controlling rising health care costs is a focal point for any conversations about reform.

Over the next few months, we’ll continue adding content to the site. Your voice is valuable and important as we continue to work together on health care reform and on our customers’ behalf to keep costs at the center of reform conversations. Please share with your networks, and encourage people to join the conversation online using #StateofCosts.