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Publication Date: 

Beginning March 1, 2016, Blue Cross NC Electronic Funds Transfer Payments Issued to Medicare Advantage Providers Will Be Delivered Paperless Only  


Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (Blue Cross NC) previously communicated plansto make Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) the standard method for provider reimbursements made under its commercially offered products by March 1, 2016. Providers participating in (Blue Cross NC’s) commercial product networks are being required to be enrolled in and able to accept EFT from Blue Cross NC. Additionally, providers participating in Blue Cross NC’s commercial product networks must enroll in Blue eSM, and complete registration to receive Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) reports from Blue Cross NC before March 1, 2016. Completion of EFT enrollment, Blue e access, and ERA enrollment will be required for participation in the Blue Cross NC commercial provider networks after February 29, 2016.

Blue Cross NC’s Medicare Advantage (Blue MedicareSM) provider networks have been currently exempted from these electronic payment requirements. However, Blue Cross NC will be extending its efforts to reduce the costs associated with issuing paper payments and payment explanations to providers. Providers enrolled in Blue Cross NC’s Medicare Advantage networks are being asked to consider EFT enrollment if not already set-up. Additionally, Blue Cross NC Medicare Advantage providers receiving EFT payments will no longer be issued paper-based payment remittance explanations as of March 1, 2016. Instead, payment information will be available through the paperless options of ERA (or 835 electronic transaction) reports and Blue e.


About EFT

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) is a convenient, confidential and secure method for receiving claim payments. With this free, paperless service provided by Blue Cross NC, funds are transferred directly into a participating provider’s designated bank account. With EFT, your health care organization can have access to the following benefits:

  • Electronically transferred payments are posted to bank accounts before normal checks can be posted, which makes funds available sooner.
  • Transfer of funds eliminates the time waiting for payments to arrive and can decrease bank deposit holds, which can lead to an overall improvement in your practice’s cash flow management.
  • Less paperwork and lower administrative costs. No more time spent opening envelopes, endorsing checks, preparing deposits, and making trips to the bank
  • Possible elimination or reduction of lockbox service fees.
  • Reduced opportunity for error and theft. Deposits are made directly into a designated bank account without the need for additional manual processing or handling.

Enrolling in EFT, Blue e and ERA

You don’t have to wait to sign up for the convenience of our EFT service, request receipt of an ERA (835 electronic transactions) or gain the secure access of making member eligibility and claims inquiries with Blue e. Just go online for instructions for how to sign up for EFT and/or ERA (835), which can be found in the “Forms and Documentation” section of our provider Web portal at

If you are not currently a Blue euser, you can find information about Blue e and how to register under the “Manage Claims and Inquiries” section of our provider Web portal at

If your practice opens or acquires any new subsidiaries, please review the payment information for each new location. Blue Cross NC offers EFT and Blue e services free of charge. Please check with your financial institution and/or automated clearinghouse to see if any EFT processing fees may apply.

If you have questions about how to register for Blue e or how to set up an EFT account through Blue e, please contact the eSolutions HelpDesk at 1.888.333.8594.