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It's important to keep the demographic information we have on file for you updated if you:

  • Are a health care organization participating in the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (Blue Cross NC) Medicare Advantage (Blue MedicareSM) provider network
  • Have Blue Medicare-participating providers included under your organization's terms of participation with Blue Cross NC

Keeping your information current:

  • Helps us provide our members with accurate information in our online provider directories
  • Allows our members to locate and access care and services from in-network providers
  • Helps other providers make referrals and direct their patients' care toward in-network practitioners and suppliers
  • Ensures that your health care organization receives timely payment and notices, and reduces the potential for delayed or denied payments resulting from inconsistent demographic information

Please verify your information from our online provider directories for the first quarter of 2020. 

Review your listing(s) located within the Find a Doctor tool on the website, and select from the following options for Medicare:

  • Find a Doctor of Facility
  • Find a Dentist
  • Find an Urgent Care Center

When you review your listing(s), please make sure the following information is accurate:

  • The demographic information
  • Whether or not your practice is accepting new patients
  • Your physical address
  • The specialties of the providers affiliated within your health care organization

If you discover an inaccuracy, please immediately complete the online demographic change form located in the forms section at

If your health care organization, or a provider within your organization, has changed names, been part of a merger or consolidation, or moved, added, or changed a National Provider Identifier or Federal Tax Identification Number, please email us at

If you're unsure or have questions about how your health care organization is set up for its Blue Medicare participation with Blue Cross NC, please call us at 1-800-777-1643.