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January means new health plans, medication formulary changes, and prescription renewals. All of which result in more prescription drug prior authorizations (PAs) for your office to handle.

Save time in 2015 by using CoverMyMeds*, a free electronic prior authorization (ePA) solution, that works with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (Blue Cross NC) to streamline the Rx prior authorization process. There’s no need to fill out paper forms by hand, or spend your day waiting by the fax machine.

Five Ways You Can Save Time By Using CoverMyMeds:

  • Skip waiting on hold and start all Rx PAs online. CoverMyMeds works for all Blue Cross NC plans with Prime** as their pharmacy benefits manager and all medications. 
  • Receive faster determinations with ePA. CoverMyMeds works with Blue Cross NC to offer real-time determinations for many PAs.
  • Complete renewals through CoverMyMeds to auto-fill patient information.
  • Sign PAs electronically and skip printing and faxing PAs. 
  • Complete pharmacy-initiated PAs online to eliminate calls from the pharmacy. When you receive a key from CoverMyMeds, enter the key online to complete the PA.

There’s no requirement to use CoverMyMeds, but we think you’ll welcome the efficiencies and real-time responses gained with this free and efficient electronic solution you can use on behalf of your Blue Cross NC patients.* If you’re not already signed up to use CoverMyMeds, take a tour and find out for yourself!



*CoverMyMeds® is an independent company not affiliated with Blue Cross NC. It is your responsibility to review and decide whether to use CoverMyMeds’ services. Blue Cross NC contracts with CoverMyMeds to provide utilization management services as a courtesy to our providers and is not liable for the services provided.  These services may be changed or discontinued at any time.

**CoverMyMeds can be used for pharmacy prior authorization requests for commercial Blue Cross NC patients, who use Prime as their pharmacy benefits manager. At this time, CoverMyMeds cannot be used for requests for State Health Plan, Federal Employee Program, or Blue Medicare patients, even if their plans use Prime.