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On September 24, we shared information about updates and enhancements to the Provider Feedback application, an interactive tool which allows providers to update patients' alerts during office visits.

Additional features are now available, and we're excited to share these with you:

NEW Patient Search Feature

  • Patient search fields are now available under the "Alert Status" filter. Please note - information must be entered in at least one of the following search options:
    • Click "Patient Search" to search for alerts by the patient's:
      • Name (enter a minimum of three characters)
      • ID (enter a minimum of five characters)
      • Date of birth (enter a complete date with month/day/year)
  • After entering search criteria, the grid below the search fields will change to reflect patient-centric results, with "Status" and the patient's last name. The alert status filter will disappear and reset to "All," and the patient's status will be shown in the search results grid.
  • Alerts may be printed and opened from the patient-centric search results. The grid retains the search across all lines of business until either new search criteria is entered or the "Clear Search" button is clicked.

NEW Resizable Columns in PFL Search Feature

To account for users' different resolutions, aspect ratios, and screen sizes, we updated our provider and patient grids with manually-resizable columns. To resize a column, user your mouse to hover over the line between grid columns and then click/drag to the desired width.

NEW Mark-as-New Feature
PFL users can now mark an active alert as "New."

  • To do this, simply right click on the member row and select "Mark as New" (please note - this option is not available on completed or in-progress alerts).
  • The grid will refresh, and the selected alert will now have a "New" status.
  • Please note - if the user has a state filter applied, the alert will be hidden from view until the filter is changed to "New" or "All."