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Employee Communications Toolkit

Medicare employee communications toolkit

Help your employees feel confident when they are ready to transition to Medicare.

Simplifying the Medicare transition

Navigating Medicare can be challenging, especially for those who are about to enroll for the first time. A recent Allsup survey found that 54% of employees approaching age 65 will likely seek guidance about Medicare from their employer’s HR benefits manager.

Let our decades of Medicare expertise help you empower your employees to make the health care decisions that are best for them and their families. This selection of employee communications provides you with the resources to help your employees learn more about Medicare options when they are ready to start making that transition.

Toolkit resources

This toolkit includes all the resources you need to support employees transitioning to Medicare. Download our toolkit resources to get started.

If you need help, you can view our how-to guide, which offers an overview of all the resources provided in this toolkit and guidance on how to best use them with your employees as needed.

Employee Resource Guide

A handy list of resources to learn more about Medicare eligibility, plan options, and more.

Medicare Plain & Simple Guide

Offers a detailed walk-through of Medicare benefits and how to choose the path that’s right for their needs.

Understanding Medicare Brochure

Provides an at-a-glance view of the different parts of Medicare, what it covers, and what it can cost.

OFT Email Template

Outlook email template to share items in this toolkit with your employees as needed (content also provided in a document file).

Video resources

Our quick and easy-to-understand videos cover everything your employees need to know about Medicare. 

An Introduction to Medicare

Get the basics on Medicare, including what it is and how to find the right coverage. 

Medicare Plans and Paths

Discover the two paths into Medicare, and get help choosing the one that’s right for you.

4 Factors for Choosing a Medicare Plan

Find out about the 4 factors to consider when choosing a Medicare plan (network, drug coverage, travel, and cost).

Enrolling in Medicare

Here's all you need to know about Medicare enrollment periods.

Activation roadmap guide

You can use these materials as a complete set or individually, depending on your needs. Not sure where to start? Here are some suggestions: 

Send the Overview Email once a quarter to those entering their initial enrollment period.

  • January: For employees reaching age 65 in January, February, or March
  • April: For employees reaching age 65 in April, May, or June
  • July: For employees reaching age 65 in July, August, or September
  • October: For employees reaching age 65 in October, November, or December
  • Optional reminder: Remind all employees age 65 or older in mid-October that the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period runs from October 15 through December.


Working past retirement

Individuals become eligible to enroll in Medicare around age 65. But if you have employees who plan to keep working or have health coverage through a spouse, they have some options to consider before signing up for Medicare:

  • If you have 20 or more employees in your company, they can choose to delay Medicare enrollment, drop their employer coverage for Medicare, or have both Medicare and employer coverage.
  • If you have fewer than 20 employees, generally they will need to enroll in Medicare during their Initial Enrollment Period.
  • If employees have health coverage through a spouse’s employer, next steps will depend on rules of the employer. Employees may be able to delay or may need to enroll at age 65.

To learn more, reach out to your authorized Blue Cross NC representative.