Strengthen your health plan’s foundation

Is your provider network strong enough to meet today’s demands — yet flexible enough to adapt to tomorrow’s challenges? Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (Blue Cross NC) has the strong provider partnerships,  network solutions and strategic vision that will continue driving high-quality, cost-effective care for years to come.

Blue Cross NC is rapidly transforming what "value" means in health care — and our network solutions play a vital role in that strategy. Leverage our insights to optimize your network and strengthen the foundation of your own health plan.

  • Industry-leading networks: From a broad PPO and a nationwide high-performance network, to more focused and locally-targeted options — our suite of tailored network solutions allow you to balance cost and access alongside quality and employee experience.
  • Enhanced performance: Based on your network selection, we'll help you optimize performance with solutions that amplify the benefits inherent in that network type — as well as solutions that mitigate the trade-offs.
  • Blue PremierSM: Our value-based care program offers incentives to ensure patients receive the best care — coordinated across providers — at the best price. It's central to our strategy for transforming health care.
  • Experience and expertise: We're a trusted partner you can rely on, with the data-driven insights you need to build a strong health plan that's ready for the future.


Network Optimization

Is your heath plan strong enough to support today’s needs? Is it flexible enough to adapt to changing goals? Network is one key to success. Download our Network Optimization eBook to explore:

How to select the right network based on your needs and goals; 

  • Ways to enhance your network for better performance;
  • What trade-offs to expect based on the type of network you choose; and
  • Which trends will make a true impact over the next 2-3 years — from high-performance networks to value-based care.

Interactive Infographic

As a companion to our eBook, this interactive infographic will guide you through key considerations and scenarios when optimizing your health plan’s network.

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Why You Should Be Passionate About Value-Based Care

Join us for a discussion on the true value of value-based care – from the viewpoint of providers and payers living it each and every day. Watch our webinar recording to learn more!



Blue High Performance NetworkSM (BlueHPNSM) is a national health plan designed to enhance quality and lower costs through value-based care.


Dr. Robert Waterhouse, Lead Medical Director at Blue Cross NC, talks about exciting opportunities around our value-based care program, Blue Premier.


Blue Cross NC offers a variety of digital tools – like Find a Doc and Find a Cost searches – to help members find quality, affordable care within their health plan's network.


The SmartShopper® program offers guidance and recommendations to employees searching for common tests and procedures – plus rewards for choosing cost-effective providers!

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