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Smarter, better health care isn't confined to a doctor's office or hospital. It extends into our homes and workplaces, too. That's why a health plan is only the beginning. Employees also want programs and tools that work in concert with their medical coverage for total wellbeing. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (Blue Cross NC) has the clinical expertise — and the name trusted for more than 85 years — to ensure you meet their needs.1

  • Whole-person lifestyle support: Inspire employees to adopt healthier habits and make smart choices in their daily life.
  • Proven clinical solutions: Move the needle on cost drivers such as poorly-managed chronic conditions, inappropriate utilization and pharmacy spend.
  • Behavioral health integration: Support holistic health — and lower total cost of care — by integrating behavioral and medical health care. 
  • Data-driven innovation: Get a clear picture of your population's health and risk factors, recommendations for solutions based on your goals and reporting tools to monitor the impact.
  • Personalized, multi-channel engagement: Foster a culture of health and drive participation in health and wellbeing programs with our targeted communications, workplace promotional materials and employer resources. 

Tailored solutions are another way we're changing health care to work better for you and your employees.

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A Closer Look at Behavioral Health

The increasing prevalence of behavioral health issues continues to be a top concern for employers. Meeting the needs of your employees facing mental health challenges takes looking at the bigger picture, in order to better treat the whole person.

Download our interactive infographic to see the full scope of behavioral health conditions, their impact on your workforce and how the COVID-19 pandemic is already factoring in.


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Wellbeing@Work Toolkit

Whether you're just starting out or have a well-established health and wellbeing program, our Wellbeing@Work Toolkit offers actionable information on:

  • Using data and analytics to spot unmet needs; 
  • Applying consumer experience (CX) principles to boost engagement; 
  • Promoting wellbeing across different generations;
  • Addressing social determinants of health and reducing the stigma of behavioral health issues in the workplace; and
  • Measuring results to learn and grow year-over-year.

Wellbeing extends beyond the physical. After downloading the toolkit, check out our webinar on integrated behavioral health with Dr. Katherine Hobbs-Knutson, Chief of Behavioral Health at Blue Cross NC.

Tailored Health Solutions

Healthy living drives positive outcomes. Yet no single program can do it alone. That's why our offerings work together across three key dimensions â€” clinical support, lifestyle support and employer resources. Download these briefs on our innovative solutions around:

  • Wellbeing
  • Health Engagement
  • Diabetes
  • Complex Needs


A New Vision for Total Patient Health

Watch our webinar recording on why a new strategy is needed for addressing behavioral health in your workforce. You'll learn about the importance of a behavioral health care system that is accessible, easy to navigate, integrated and focused on improving total health. Plus, we'll cover:

  • How early intervention and better access leads to reduction in total cost of care;
  • How primary care is a part of the solution; and
  • How to reduce the stigma associated with mental health and substance use disorders.


Our expert panel includes:

  • Dr. Katherine Hobbs-Knutson, Chief of Behavioral Health at Blue Cross NC
  • Dr. Brian Klausner, Chief Medical Officer at WakeMed Key Community Care
  • Susan Foosness, Senior Program Manager at Blue Cross NC
  • Kelly Truncer, Client Delivery Expert at Blue Cross NC, will once again be your host for the hour


Behavioral Health

Why is behavioral health such an important topic in health care? Dr. Katherine Hobbs-Knutson, Chief of Behavioral Health at Blue Cross NC, explains what this term encompasses — and why it matters for population health as well as total cost of care. 

For a deeper dive, don't miss out on our behavioral health webinar with Dr. Hobbs-Knutson!


Your employees — and your organization — can save a lot by shopping around for common medical procedures and tests. But finding price and quality information is challenging. That's where SmartShopper comes in. Watch the video to see how it can be as simple as shop, go and earn.


SmartShopper is just one of many consumer-friendly tools we offer to drive smarter, better health care.

Expert Views

Office desk top with papers and two people signing a contract
An Employer's Playbook for Supporting Employees Post-COVID

As the coronavirus continues to spread, employees are juggling work and personal concerns in extraordinary new ways. In a recent poll, more than half of adults in the U.S. said they are experiencing worry and stress about the virus, and that the pandemic is taking a toll on their mental health.

Kate Hobbs Knutson, MD, MPH | Chief of Behavioral Health at Blue Cross NC

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Breaking Down Barriers: Addressing Disparities in Behavioral Health

As Director of Care Management at Blue Cross NC, one of my main responsibilities is to ensure our members receive the best possible care and can achieve good health. Behavioral health issues, like mental health and substance use disorders, can present major challenges to keeping people well.

Angela Lynn | Director of Care Management at Blue Cross NC

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Breaking Stigmas With Education: FAQs on Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders

As a psychiatrist, I often come across confusion around my field of work: behavioral health.

In my experience, people want to learn more, but don’t know where to start. People wonder, what do I ask? What do I need to know? What if I sound ignorant asking?

Kate Hobbs Knutson, MD, MPH | Chief of Behavioral Health at Blue Cross NC

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ROI + VOI: Communicating Program Value Based on Your Leader's "Why"

Chances are if you have spent any time in the employee wellness realm then you are familiar with the term Value of Investment (VOI). There is much discussion in the field on the benefits of moving away from a strictly Return on Investment (ROI) evaluation when measuring whether your wellness program is successful or not. Why?

Terri Corsi | Client Success Lead at Blue Cross NC

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