Employer Special Enrollment Guide

Helping you and your employees navigate uncertain times

Need help with your group plan during COVID-19? You have options.

We know managing or operating a business - large or small - can be stressful when something unexpected happens. We want to make it easier for you to make the right choices for your group health insurance plan during this time.

If you have a current group health plan with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (Blue Cross NC), we are extending options to help you manage your plan and make it easier to continue offering coverage to your employees.

These options may change. You can log in to Employer Services for the latest news updates on policy and coverage changes related to COVID-19.

Employer Login

If you need immediate help with your plan options, help logging in, or answers to questions not found here, please contact your Blue Cross NC Representative.

What we are doing for you and your employees:

We're Supporting Your Business*

  • Waiving actively at work provisions
  • Waiving 30-hour work requirement
  • More time to pay premiums

Job Loss is a Qualifying Event

  • Employees can shop ACA compliant plans
  • Short-term plans options available1
  • Medicare plans for eligible employees

Over-the-Phone Coverage Help

  • Real people, real help for employees
  • Variety of options for fast coverage
  • One-on-one help choosing a plan

*These accommodations are in place through May 31. Certain restrictions may apply.


What options do my employees have?

We want to make it as easy as possible for your employees to get health insurance coverage if they've been laid-off or furloughed and their plan has been terminated. They have a few options available through you and Blue Cross NC.

Employees have 60 days either before or after their coverage expires to purchase a new plan. Some employees may need a letter from you stating their coverage is no longer available - it's important you're able to provide them this information.

Employees who have recently lost their jobs - and do not elect COBRA - will have a few coverage options to choose from:

  • Individual and Family ACA Compliant Plans
  • Medicare Plans for Eligible Employees 
  • Short-term Medical Plans

This helpful resource is available to guide your employees on choosing the right plan option and coverage for them. You can distribute this guide to any employees who may need it. 

Download the Employee FAQ and Resource Guide

If you have employees who need help shopping for health insurance coverage, you can direct them to our Loss of Coverage page for more information.

We'll guide them in choosing the right plan, outline coverage options, and provide a free quote - with no obligation to buy.

Loss of Coverage Plan Options


Frequently Asked Questions

During this unprecedented time, your organization may need to make difficult decisions affecting employment status and health insurance eligibility. Below are answers to some questions you may have regarding your options and what you can expect from Blue Cross NC.

*these FAQs are for Employers who have had to terminate or furlough employees. 

You can download our Employer FAQs to have available when you need them.

Download FAQs

To help our employer groups continue to offer employees coverage, through May 31, 2020 Blue Cross NC is:

  • Waiving ‘actively at work’ provisions
  • Waiving the requirement to work a minimum of 30 hours
  • Allowing additional days to pay premiums

Please reach out to your Blue Cross NC representative to discuss any of these accommodations.

No, if you are removing them from your plan, you should update eligibility using the regular membership maintenance process.

If you are keeping these employees on your health plan until their return and are paying their premium, there is no need to change anything. If you are removing them from your plan, you should update eligibility using the regular membership maintenance process.

Yes, employees can get no-cost assistance by calling 1-888-802-4171. We also have developed a web page to help those who may have lost coverage: BlueCrossNC.com/2020Plans.

We’re happy to help your employees transition from their group plan to an individual or family plan. Those temporarily furloughed may also be eligible for short-term medical coverage to help them bridge the gap until their individual plan becomes effective, or they are once again eligible for group coverage.

Yes, employees who have permanently lost job-based health insurance may be eligible for a Medicare plan. Different rules apply for those temporarily laid off. Please visit our Loss of Coverage page for full details.